Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Recently my beautiful friend Betsy contacted me to do 30 days of yoga with her.
This is to help us find our center and practice self-love.
A lot of the time we find ourselves so busy pouring out our time and energy into the world that we forget to focus on us every now and then.
We need this time every day.
It helps us to remain full in our lives.

With Penelope and Leena taking up my time lately, I've been trying to make time for pilates and hooping more often.
After I had Leena I neglected myself for so long that I feel it contributed to the post partum depression I had.
This time around, I knew better.
I've been making more time for everything.
For my babies.
For my husband.
For my friends.
For my art.
For me.
I am just as important in this mix and I deserve to give myself that time out of each day to reconnect to myself.

Yes, with an almost 4 year old (gosh I still can't believe that) and a 2 month old, it is a bit hard to find that part of the day where I can just focus on myself with my hoop in hand or by doing pilates but I try.
Even if it's only 10 minutes a day.

So here I am, while basking in the lovely smell of the quinoa burgers Joey is making us for lunch, telling you all of my commitment.
Starting today, I commit myself to work on my self-love more.
I commit myself to mediate each day for AT LEAST the next 30 days.
Whether that be pilates, hooping or yoga.
The group challenge may not begin until tomorrow but I choose to start today.

I have HUGE plans for this year.
And by golly, I'm making them happen!

I'll be linking this blog up over on Betsy's lovely blog.
If you want to join feel free!

Peace and Love.

Update: In the time I wrote about Joey making the quinoa burgers and the time I finished this blog, I ate mine. Um, do yourself a favor and make them!


Amy (Fate-FilledTimes) said...

I just have to say that your blog is one of my top favourites! It is honest and genuine. I always get excited when I see you've updated us with a post.

I'm all about self love! Hooping sounds like so much fun. Maybe I should get myself one...




tia ann said...

such a good idea:) somtimes it's easy to let time for ourselves slide! i may just have to join you girls:)

Dorothy Explor'r said...

hi katelyn. my name is dorothy... and i wanted to introduce myself. i am whole-heartedly committing to your 30 day self-love challenge and look forward to joining forces with you women to help encourage, inspire and motivate :)