Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Post Baby Body-Week 2

Week two of my 12 week post natal work out is going well.
It's coupled with a week of no sugar.
I'm on day 3 of that.
So far it's no big deal, but I really don't eat that much refined sugar.
Honey is fair game so that helps with needing to sweeten anything, which tastes better anyways.
I was fine yesterday and the day before but today I really really want a chocolate cupcake.

And holy cow you guys.
My belly is soooo saggy.
In time though, it will get better.
I went through this with my body post Leena and now will have to work at it post Penelope.
I just forget how saggy my tummy can get.
I still have reservations about sharing photos with you all but whatevs.
Really I wasn't upset. I'm just socially awkward when it comes to smiling now from far too much Novocain injected into my mouth.
My lip is slightly lame now. Really.

I have no idea how much weight I've lost, etc.
I don't care about that.
I just want to fit in all my damn pants again!
But I am only 6 weeks post partum.
Patience young grasshopper.

Hope you all are having a great day.
We are having movie night on this rainy day.
We're watching Legend of the Guardians: The Owl's of Ga'hoole tonight.
Joey has never seen it and I know he'll love it.

Peace and Love.


Manic Mrs. Stone said...

Hey Katelyn!

This is a beautiful post! It's really inspiring to me to see you blog about your post-pregnant goals! You are so beautiful :)

My friend Maryam sent me your way as I was just discussing on my 32-week maternity series post that I was interested in the idea of doing an HBAC this time around, because as it turns out my insurance would cover one. I mentioned though that I was really hoping to find other mamas who have done this to talk to before I made any official decisions. And I was told you just had one!!!

Your blog is wonderful and your family is SO adorable. I'm going to go ahead and add you to my google reader and peek around a bit more to see any posts on the subject - but if you'd like to (and have the time to...mama life is b.u.s.y!) email me to chat I would love that so so so much!



Hit My Dreamy Eyes said...

You are so beautiful! Keep it up Young Grasshopper :)