Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 months.

Joey took some photos of Penelope and I yesterday.
She's two months old.
I'm soaking up every moment of breastfeeding this time around.
With Leena, it was such a different experience.
I wish I enjoyed it more but that just wasn't in the cards for us.
With Penelope, I've learned so much more about breastfeeding and have the support needed to get through the rough times we've experienced.

For Valentine's Day, we used it as an excuse to get cupcakes.
After Leena's dance class we stopped by the bakery and grabbed picked out our cupcakes.
She got vanilla with a chocolate covered strawberry on top.
I got a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese filling and a chocolate covered strawberry on top.
Joey got a white chocolate raspberry cupcake.
Mine was so good.

Day one of the 30 days mind and body went well.
I got some time with my hoop and worked up a sweat.
I plan on doing some more hooping now that Leena is asleep and Joey has Penelope so I can really go into a meditative state with my hoop.
It's been a long time.
My 2 year hoopiversary is coming up and I don't plan on spending it NOT hooping this year.
I need the hoop.

At the end of this 30 days, I'm hoping, money willing, that I'll be taking my hooping to a whole new level.
I hopefully will be fire hooping.
This is the year.
I will no longer tell myself that I'm not experienced enough to fire hoop and I will just go for it!
With eyebrows and hair intact.

Outfit details:
Hat: Forever 21
Dress: Love Stay Gold
Tights: Target
Boots: Commissary in El Paso, TX.
Ring: Roots and Feathers

Peace and Love.

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Rebecca O said...

I love these photos!! I am feeling the same way about breastfeeding with my 2 month old daughter Alba. My experience with my son was not what I wanted it to be and it ended quickly. I was a first time mom and got easily frustrated and it made him frustrated as well. I am so glad to have this deep connection with my daughter. I really took my time with her and when I was having a little trouble I had her dad right there to help us both. It's weird to me because he wasn't as supportive of breastfeeding the first time around and now he really see's how important it is to me and how good it is for both myself and Alba. Anyway...thank you for sharing such beautiful photos of a wonderful gift us mom's get to experience.