Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As I wait for my husband to get home, very impatiently, I am curious as to how much longer I'm going to be pregnant. It's so weird not having this set time to go in to be induced. I LOVE that.
I'm still saddened occasionally about the choices we made about Leena's birth but am closing that door.
Learning and growing.
Moving on.
And not repeating past mistakes.
This baby knows the perfect time to come and we're letting him or her come when ready.
Lord knows I'M ready. :D
The house isn't exactly how I wanted but we still might have some time and in reality, that is a lame thing to worry about.
My birth space is peaceful enough for me to relax in the only other spot I'd like decluttered and picked up is my room. There will be lots of time awake spent in my room, more than usual, so that will happen someway or another.
Leena is pushing as much as possible before this baby comes but with daddy coming home tonight I'm sure that won't be as bad since she'll have someone else to give her lots of attention.
She knows my physical limitations at this point and is using those to her advantage. I'm exhausted but other than that, at peace.
There's been some good contractions happening off and on and lots of prep work happening in my body.
My mental prep work is complete.

We wait.

Peace and Love.

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bonfire of my vanity said...

that wait can be so hard. i hope you have a easy and peaceful birth. my second labor and birth was very different than my first, in a positive way. i hope that is the case for you as well. very excited for you.