Sunday, November 20, 2011

At work.

My body is gearing up towards the big finale with this pregnancy.
Every night I seem to spend some time on the birthing ball relaxing through contractions while Joey rubs my tension away.
It's so nice having him home.
We are getting a final hurrah of spending time together as a family of 3 before little Junebug makes his or her debut. This is important. Leena is loving it.
Yesterday we made a little trip to Starbucks and all enjoyed a drink, together.
We then made a gingerbread house village...which was rather "pretty".
And ended the night with movie night where we watched "Frosty the Snowman" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".
It was so nice.

Today I woke up to Joey making banana nut muffins.
We enjoyed them for breakfast, well more like breakfast for me and snack for him and Leena since they had been up for a couple hours already.
I haven't been feeling fantastic today so I rested a bit on the couch and Joey ran to the grocery store with little miss.
After they got back Joey made lunch for us and then picked up the rest of the little bits of stuff in the living room so we could put up our Christmas tree.
I wanted the Christmas tree up before I went into labor to use it as a focal/relaxation point and well, so it wasn't so hectic in the next month.
We decorated the tree together and it's so cute. There's a mass of ornaments towards the bottom of the tree. :D

The last few days with my husband home have been amazing. Even with Leena's inability to listen well lately, it's so nice to have "back up" and to not have to constantly take the reins.
Let's face it.
At this point, I am so over taking the reins and just need time to go within myself and focus on my body and my baby.
I've been having "back labor" with the contractions I've been having.
This baby is posterior (facing up, towards my belly button) which Leena was as well.
My breaking point to getting the epidural with having Leena was the back labor I was having with the pitocin contractions.
I know this is nature's way of helping me process through the birthing experience Leena and I had and I am actually enjoying them.
I can do this.
I WILL do this.
I am prepared.

When do you all think this baby is going to come?
And what sex and weight do you guess?

I'm so ready to meet this baby but am loving the not knowing of when labor will officially start.

And now for the photos from the last few days:
Our gingerbread village turned out to be a cross between a teletubby and Sparta. Notice the hole in the middle where they can kick the naughty people into.
Cheerio plotting the tree's demise.
There's a dog under there. I swear.See.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Peace and Love.

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Hit My Dreamy Eyes said...

I am going to guess you are having another girl on November 25th. Congrats to you and your family! What an exciting moment. Good luck on the birth! You can do it :)