Monday, October 10, 2011

Sewing and pumpkins

The last few days I've been sewing, cleaning...a bit, and playing with the little miss.
Here's what my sewing time brought forth:
Sewing this dress made me figure out exactly how I was going to make Leena's fairy costume for halloween.
This is the dress part of her costume:
I still need to make her pantaloons and her fairy wings should be coming in a week or so!
Pattern is by Violette Field Threads.

Then today we saw that the church around the corner from our house got their pumpkins in for this year. Leena's been asking for a couple weeks now about getting pumpkins and even throughout the year would mention how she couldn't wait till we could get pumpkins at the church. So today we went. I had $3 in my wallet and told her she could pick out some mini pumpkins with that.
We had a good day.

Hope you are all soaking up the autumn awesomeness. Now if only it will get cooler! I can't wait to wear sweaters and leggings!

Peace and Love!

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