Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am proud.

Something as little as "Seitan" being sold at my grocery store today made me very proud.
Seitan made with non genetically modified crops no less.
Why does this make me proud?
At first when we moved out to Louisiana there was very few options for those of us wanting to eat organically and specifically vegetarian.
I'm not saying seitan is the healthiest option but imagine my shock when it was actually available to me.
Slowly but surely our family's dollars and the small percentage of people in this town that do purchase those items ARE making an impact.
More and more organic options are infiltrating our stores.
We are telling the stores what we want.
We want local, REAL food that is not made with franken crops (GMO) and sprayed down with pesticides.
I like my food cancer-free thank you very much.
We are making an impact.
We are voting with our dollars.
A small group of determined individuals CAN and WILL be the change in this nation.
It shouldn't cost me less to buy a cheeseburger than it is to buy a bag of organic apples, or really A, ONE, UNO, SINGULAR organic apple.
Care about what you are eating.
KNOW what you are eating.
We are making a difference.
Keep it up!

Peace and Love.

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Shannon said...

I'm so glad to read this post! As long as more and more of us keep voting with our fork, organic foods will become available--and affordable!