Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween from end to start...because really if we're being honest, I am too lazy to switch the photos from day to night and put them under the writing tonight.
Leena was a little fairy. Her costume was all handmade, sans the shoes.
I made the dress and pantaloons using patterns from Violette Field Threads and the wings came from an Roseart Creations on etsy. That girl has some seriously amazing customer service. She is so super sweet as well! Definitely check her out.
For Halloween, I waited till the last minute to make Leena's pantaloons.
We then went to the Children's Museum because they were doing a "Members Only" trick or treat night. It was nice and relaxing and a very nice thing they offered. After the museum we went to get dinner then headed to Rebecca's for a Halloween party she was having. Even though the trick or treaters were giving her house the shaft, we had lots of fun! One of the dads that came took his daughter, one of Rebecca's daughters and Leena trick or treating because there was no way I could walk an entire neighborhood with Leena. It was very sweet and they all had lots of fun....and came back with far too much candy. I let her have some that night but then the rest got switched out for corn syrup free/gelatin free candy that she can choose a piece here and there from. The dad said Leena was so super sweet too while they were out trick or treating.
We then all hung out chatting and the kids running around like mad, hopped up on sugar(-ish) for a few more hours. Donna joined us as well and we all had fun. At least I think so, I'm speaking for everyone here. ;)

We had a good day/night.
Hope all of your halloween festivities went well!
I plan on blogging more during the last few weeks of pregnancy. I've fallen behind and I'm already 35 weeks pregnant! Crazy.
I'll try my hardest to keep you all updated with the antics that will ensue in these final weeks and surely into becoming a family of four.

Peace and Love!


Violet Bella said...

sounds like a good halloween to me! good company :)

Charlotte said...

Those first two pictures are gorgeous - the cookie monster costume is so fun!

Leena is a BEAUTIFUL little fairy! I like her short haircut too.

alex said...

Ahh she's the cutest fairy ever!