Monday, October 3, 2011

My baby girl

I can't believe in about 9 short weeks it will no longer just be my baby girl, Joey and I. It's very bittersweet. At one point in the last few years I didn't want any more kids because I didn't want the mommy/Leena only time to end. However. She needed, she wanted a sibling and of course Joey and I wanted a second child as well. It's still sad that an almost 4 year era is coming to a close soon. I'm excited but sad. Very confusing. My daughter is one of the brightest children I've ever met and even through the days she may drive me crazy she is still loving and adorable. She constantly tells me she loves me, out of nowhere. She also gives me kisses. Lots of kisses. Kisses on the belly, kisses for the baby, kisses on the arm, kisses on the forehead in the morning when she wakes up.
She's hilarious and intuitive.
Brilliant and quirky.
She has made my life so incredibly amazing and has led me in a direction I never thought of.
Her birth changed me.
Her birth has fueled me.

This place, this crossroad we are at as a family, it's bittersweet.
We are welcoming new life.
We are growing.
But we are also closing the door.
And here come the tears.
This transition will be beautiful.
This transition will be monumental.

For now, I am soaking up as much mommy/Leena time as I possibly can.

Leena is growing up too fast.
She decided for real that she wanted her hair cut short yesterday.
She had been asking again for a while but last time when I took her in to get it done she freaked out and told me she didn't want it.
But this time.
This time she decided she really wanted it cut.
So Donna and I cut it.

She looks completely different.
Leena with long hair:

Leena with short hair:

Peace and Love.


Charlotte said...

oh wow does she look old! you can see the little lady she's becoming. I'm sure it's both sweet and hard for you.

ps. I left an award for you on my blog:
Feel free to play along if you'd like!

alex said...

She's so cute!

Lil Muse Lily said...

hi there! it's been a while. i often think about all of that when my husband and i talk about having another child. even though i do want another, Lily is everything and more than i ever asked for and it's hard to think that i could ever love another the way i love her and break our bond.

Vero said...

siempe sigo tu blog,que dulces palabras!leena es una belleza,35 semanas,ya casi esta en tus brazos!!!hermoso todo lo q haces y tu familia.)bendiciones,paz y amor en tu vida