Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Fashion Week-Day 5

Today's post brought to you by cell phone pictures and help from a 3 year old!

My camera battery died when I went out to photography today's outfit and my backup battery is nowhere to be found. What a great backup.
I might take better ones later but I preplanned this outfit again so I could prepost my blog for day 5. It's just easier that way.
Today I have a prenatal checkup.
I love going to them.
So odd since last time I did NOT love going to them. The only good part was hearing Leena's heartbeat. The sitting in waiting room for at least an hour AFTER my scheduled appointment EVERY TIME, not so much love.
I guess that proves to me the difference in women centered care.
Fingers crossed that little Junebug will be head down and not transverse like he/she was at the last check up.
I'm in the home stretch! I go to see Rebecca every two weeks from here on out.
Leena had such a good time at dance class. Before dance started Miss April was having them dance to fun songs and it was so adorable to see Leena following along and listening like a good little girl. I knew she'd get there. It just takes getting used to the whole teacher/student idea. I wish I could set up my camera to video every class.
Here's my Day 5.
via Leena
haha, I need to find my belly band.
Then I took the reins of the cell phone to try to get detail shots.
This is what I got:
Outfit details:
Shirt: Uhhhhhh...
Sports Bra that is peeking out: Underneath
Seriously. If you are in the market for a new sports bra (she has other styles she has just been in the midst of a move so her store isn't stocked right now) check out her store. She custom made mine and it fits PERFECTLY.
Shorts: Motherhood maternity from when I was pregnant with Leena. I cut them.
Shoes: Free People...MASSIVELY on sale.
Necklace: Me

Better view of the shoes:
Better view of the necklace:
My girl looking solemn but MAN she's pretty.
Leena extremely pissed off with mosquitoes biting her.

I need to go to bed.
I can't wait to be able to catch up and see what all you ladies are wearing!

Peace and Love!


E said...

I love the shoes and that necklace! Nice artsy phone pics. :)

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Cute, love your long braids.

Pamplemousse1983 said...

Hey the cell phone pics didn't turn out half bad! Good job!
Ps, I don't know how you wore heels, I gave up around week 24 haha! I still have only worn them once or twice :P

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love your necklace and shoes! and your braids are so cute! :)

Caitlin said...

those shoes are FANTASTIC! eek! you look great, love the braids.

Emery Jo said...

those shoes are awesome!! they look quite comfy too. i love FP stuff!!

Rachael said...

Wow! I ESPECIALLY love your shoes and necklace!!!

Manda said...

how cute your daughter is! love that she took those photos!! you're looking so fabulous with those braids and that beautiful baby belly. love the shoes!

With Love, Jamie said...

I love your photography! Great shoes :)

Lea said...

I really love those shoes! And i have said this before but I love your pictures! You also wear braids really well!

Olivia said...

Pregnancy is so great on you!
I am totally going to make a necklace like that! I made a cloth rosette the other day and I was wondering what I should do with it.

Charlotte said...

Wow, such an awesome maternity shirt! It's comfy and fun - the off the shoulder look is so cool. Great pair of shoes too!

I would love to see Leena in dance class. Little girls in dance classes melt my heart.