Sunday, May 1, 2011


Leena's great grandma sent her some money for her birthday and she was so excited to be in control of spending it. She picked out a crown from my penpal's shop, Sweet Violet Jane. We go to the mailbox every day to check if it's come yet because she asks every single day. Then with the rest of the money she decided she wanted pizza for lunch today followed by watching African Cats at the theater. I showed her three movie trailers last night, one for African Cats, one for Rio and one for Hoodwinked Too and she picked African Cats out of all three. I was surprised and proud all in the same moment. So off to the mall we went where we played in the play area for a bit then ate lunch. After that it was movie time.

The movie was inspiring and wonderful. The love these cats have for their cubs and their families is truly something us humans can learn from. Leena was sitting on my lap through most of the movie and kept looking up at me with love in her eyes and rubbing my face then giving me kisses. She understood the love these animals have for their young and the love the cubs have for their mothers as well. I had to stop myself from crying at the end.

I hope when Leena is older and looks back on how I mothered her that she thinks of me like a lioness or cheetah mother. I hope she feels that I love her fiercely and would put my life on the line to save hers.

After that we came home and had a nap together. Then we played outside for a bit and had dinner. After that we went on a walk. I know I need to try to go on a walk every day and get into a better work out routine throughout this pregnancy. On that walk we collected rocks, sticks, "spiky balls" and flowers. Leena also tripped twice. Each time scraping the opposite knee. Poor kid. She got a lesson in fully watching where she is walking after that. Then it was bath time. She loves her bath. It's crazy how much a kid can love a bath. Then we read a story and it was off to bed......but she is still trying to play in her room. She's finally winding down though and she should be asleep within a few minutes I predict.

It was a good weekend. I've been trying to just take it easy since the happenings from the early week and rest when I can. I also am trying to make better choices in eating but am not beating myself up too terribly much right now if I have a bad day with it. I know that once I get out of the first trimester I will most likely have my normal appetite back. I am just trying to not go OVERboard and eat ice cream all day every day. Which I actually haven't had any ice cream I believe since I've gotten pregnant. ;) Mainly the biggest struggle I've had is being so tired that I just want to go out to eat for every meal but I've still been pushing the time between those outings to a semi-acceptable amount. Semi-acceptable considering for a while we only ate out about 1-2 times a month. Now it is much more often than that and it feels so weird.
I am thinking I am going to sign up for a membership at our local parks and recs where they have an indoor pool and gym plus lots of classes included in the LOW price of $25 for a family of 5 a month with childcare and start mainly swimming. I just have to get over my anxiety of working out in front of others.

What was your favorite thing that happened this last week?
I have two.
Hearing baby Junebug's heartbeat.
Leena giving me lots of love today at the movie.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Now I am being called for a cuddling session.
Peace and Love!

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