Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dreams of a 3 year old

Leena told me when she woke up a bit ago that she saw a caterpillar walk by a snake and that the snake ran away. Then she told me the snake licked her foot and she was climbing inside to get away from the snake.

And I had been wondering what she dreams about.
I guess that answers that.

Peace and Love.


Charlotte said...

I've always been a vivid dreamer - when I was three, I told my mom I had a dream that I was watching a parade, and then it started to rain, so everyone ran away. Little kid dreams are so cute!

Violet Bella said...

when i was her age, i too dreamt about a snake, a giant hairy snake that got up and walked through the house with legs made of jumpropes. i was scared and climbed up onto a mountain of pillows on my dads lap to get away from it. pretty odd. i still dream reallyyyy odd things though. i wish there was a way to record what we dream!

Rachael Rose said...

Ahhh!!!! I haven't been blogging for way too long... Your daughter has grown up so much since the last time i saw pictures!!! she is so beautiful... .Hope all is well... So awesome you have this blog and are writing down her precious dreams... I have a new blog now and will finally be opening my etsy shop as soon as i get my sellers permit.. hope to see you there <3

Kelly said...

I love this image of Leena, she is so precious. I can't wait for Isabelle to tell me her dreams.