Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today I went to get an ultrasound. Donna offered to go with me for support and because I had to go to a town 1 1/2 hours away to get it. We had a good ride and just talked positive because we both felt that nothing was wrong but I wanted to make sure.

Baby Junebug is healthy and his or her heartbeat is a solid 164. Nice and strong. I teared up when I heard it. It's crazy how seeing this itty bitty being on a screen makes your heart do little flip flops and you smile from ear to ear.
I know these are hard to see but that is the little baby in utero, happy as a clam. :)
Tangent: How do you tell a clam is happy?!

From there we went to a farmer's market type store across the street from the ultrasound place and bought a bunch of fresh goodies for way below the prices we pay out here for this quality of produce. Then we headed to Kohl's to look for shoes for Donna....and walked out with clothes but no shoes. I got a super comfy pair of I guess "jeggings" that look like jeans but feel like sweatpants. All my jeans are already super uncomfortable so I gave in to getting them....but they were originally $40 marked down to $8. Um hello Kohl's.

Then we went to a sushi restaurant to get dinner where I got a cooked roll and some other random appetizers for dinner, Leena got a CA roll and "crunchy" roll and Donna got her sushi. Then to celebrate we all shared SUPER unhealthy desserts. Fried cheesecake and chocolate lava cake and I don't feel guilty one bit! It was a much needed sweet fix after the last few days.

Then with full tummies and a tired Leena we headed back home.

I am so blessed to have a friend like Donna that in an instant of calling me this morning to see how I was doing and me telling her I got an ultrasound scheduled for a few hours later, she is ready to go with me so I don't have to go alone, besides little miss.

Also, Rebecca, my midwife, informed me that my lab results were very good. My progesterone levels are supposed to be at least 12 right now and they are above that. That is a great sign that this pregnancy will remain viable.

Thank you all for all your support and prayers, etc. It has meant so much to me and the little junebug.

Peace and Love


Violet Bella said...

junebug is so tiny and cute! oh my goodness. so happy things are doing so good after that scare. and thank goodness for friends like donna. life savor in a situation like that. im so glad you have someone who is pretty close to you to be there for you like that. now i just cant wait for this little thing to grow grow grow!!!

h0neyburn said...

Wonderful news! YAY! I'm happy you had a good friend to go with you and SCORE on the jeans deal! I know how you feel seeing your baby on an ultrasound, it's amazing! and MMM chocolate lava goodness... *drool*

Charlotte said...

I am so relieved (though not nearly as relieved as you are, I'm sure) to hear that everything is okay! Baby's just chugging along, growing strong and making his or her mom so happy. :)

By the way, if the baby's a girl, I think "Junebug" is an adorable name. Just a thought!

karly said...

Wow<3 how exciting! I cannot wait to read on your updates.
crazy how a little pebble is growing in your insides if you think about it,
Pregnancy is something so fascinating, yet scares the life out of me,
brave little toaster you are, c:
thinking health and wellness of you

Rachael Rose said...

You're pregnant??!! awwww junebug <3 love love lovee ps hope you're still hula hooping!