Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 8

*This post might be filled with what most people would consider "Too Much Information" but in order to give the whole story, sometimes TMI is needed.

Week 8 has been much like the previous weeks however, Joey went offshore on Wednesday. Still have a bit of morning sickness here and there but generally once I eat it subsides.
We had a fun easter egg hunt at Miss Donna's and Leena had a bunch of fun. There will be pictures, I just have been running around the last few days.

Yesterday I was having a bit of ligament pain and didn't think anything of it. I got home from Donna's last night and when I went to the bathroom before bed I had a pink tinge on the paper. I tried not to worry because with Leena I had a little bit of this but it wasn't much. I texted some friends and then put up my phone to lay down. One of the friends called me back so I got up, grabbed my phone then sat back down on the bed and felt like I peed myself, when I know I did not. For girls, it felt like the initial set on of getting your period. I went back to the bathroom and when I wiped there it was covered with bright red blood. Bright red blood generally doesn't mean anything good. It kept coming for a bit but only when I wiped and I was having no cramping. However, at this moment, freaking out ensues no matter what I think. I called my midwife and she talked me through options and what happens if I was having a miscarriage. I decided that I would go to the ER and ask for an ultrasound so I knew what was going on. Donna came over and took Leena and I. After a great deal of attitude from the nurse on staff for me mentioning "homebirth" she finally told me that since I had no bleeding at that time I was not considered an emergency for them to call and wake up the ultrasound tech to come check me out. I was never even seen by the midwife that was on call in the hospital last night.
At this point we were already near my midwife's house so I asked if I could pick up the herbal tincture she offered me before I went to the hospital called, "Baby, Don't come out yet!" I figure it's worth a shot since the bleeding had stopped at that moment.
We got home and actually got a bit of sleep. Rebecca, my midwife, called at 8 this morning to set up a time to see me today. She drew my blood to get my HCG and progesterone levels, checked my uterus and cervix and ruled out ectopic pregnancy, etc. My uterus is measuring exactly on date of 8 weeks in size. We also tried to listen for heart tones with the Doppler but it is a bit early for that. We both heard a slight flutter but it wasn't distinct enough to give a definite answer. My cervix is slightly open, about one centimeter, but that is quite normal with women who have already had a baby. It is also still hard and not soft like it is getting ready for "labor". Another good sign. Tomorrow Rebecca is going to try to get me in for an ultrasound and then on Wednesday I go back for another blood work to see if the levels of HCG have doubled by then, which they should do in a healthy pregnancy.

Then to finish off the appointment, Rebecca offered me carrot cake she made two days ago. Did I mention she's pregnant? :) It was soooo good and the perfect ending to the appointment.

I still have a bit of the ligament pain but all in all we are hopeful. If you pray please say a prayer for our family and any good thoughts, love and good vibrations are also welcome this way.

Peace and Love


h0neyburn said...

Great post I am so relieved for you! I'll still be praying, XOXO.

Kamika said...

prayers being sent your way

Shewearscrazywell said...

I am definitely praying for you. This post wasn't as much tmi as I was really scared while reading it. It sounds like you had a very stressful time of it...I will continue to pray for you and the little one. I am very hopeful for all the positive signs you have going for you that this will soon be behind you and that all will work out. Hearts, Janna Lynn

Violet Bella said...

hun, i am so sorry this is happening. i hope that it is just part of your process. big thoughts and prayer your way.

love you oodles.

Pamplemousse1983 said...

So hoping this is nothing! Sending lots and lots of prayers! Sorry I missed you on Skype :(

Lots of Love!

O Bella Naturals said...

Thinking and praying for you, my friend. I know the panic you've felt. Please keep me updated, sending you love your way <3

Hit My Dreamy Eyes said...

Hope everything turns out ok for you and your little one. Your family is in my prayers.