Friday, December 31, 2010

A year in review:

Leena got caterpillars on her butt.
We discovered a new park.

We visited plantations.
We accessorized.

We started something new. :)
We had lots and lots of tea parties.
We boycotted Valentines day….but wore pink!
We were super thrilled with a gift a friend sent. ;)
We had our first night away from Leena thanks to a good friend.

We played with lots of pinwheels.
We picked our nose under a false identity.
We went overboard for Saint Patrick's Day.
We debuted big girl panties.
We thought it was a good idea to put a pillow case over our head and run full speed out of the room right into the corner of a table.
We dressed little boys up in girls glasses…and he rocked them!
We walked barefoot in the sand.
We fully enjoyed our daddy.
We baked.

We gave the living room a new look.
We had friends visit.
We turned two.
We hunted for eggs.
We took photos on film.

I photographed my first wedding.

For a very good friend.

And was super professional.

Surprisingly…no photos taken in June!

We celebrated 4th with friends.
And shared hooping with a great friend.
We met a wonderfully beautiful couple after a long time coming!

We planted.
We decided to sleep in the hall for a few weeks.
We played with a new reflector.
And bunny friends.
We embraced the hippie inside.

We formed a new obsession.
We looked for fall.
We formed new friendships…with a girl that stabs you with needles.
We cloud watched.
We went on dates with a gorgeous husband.
Wearing a gorgeous dress.
We picked our noses some more as Clark Kent this time.
We watched many sunsets.

We started a new project again.
We picked perfect pumpkins as a family.
We soaked up the sunset for fashion week with a stray that adopted us.
We had rockstar hair.
And beautiful windswept hair.
We had another little kitty for Halloween.

We lit candles and sent good thoughts and prayers to a friend in need.
We gave ourselves tortilla facials at Auntie Kimmy's house.
We caught up with friends again on the way to Auntie Kimmy's.
We found a wigwam.
We played around with auntie before a 3 year old's soccer game.
We finally went back to a normal color of hair.
We were honored to take photos of such a beautiful lady and friend.
We got out of control on our Christmas card.

We ate sushi on the way home from getting our Christmas tree.
We cleansed.
We played architect with candy and all sorts of unhealthy things.
We had meltdowns.
We got a nativity we've been searching for for years with lots of sentimental value.
We had lots of fun this Christmas.
We took in a mother in law for Christmas and couldn't be more grateful!
We watched this little girl grow up right before our eyes.

And there was drawing:

And sewing:

And now I plan on ending 201o with:
Homemade mead, Fantastic Mr. Fox, shrimp cocktail, risotto and...
this man responsible for making the mead and for making me a very happy girl.

Peace and Love and Happy 2011!
Be safe and have fun!
P.S. This is what his mead label I made looks like:
I couldn't resist the bunting again. Yes, it's an addiction.


Violet Bella said...

you had an AMAZING year katie. i love you! and cant wait to see your next year of life unfold. btw, i love the pic of leena's meltdown, classic.

Katy said...

Looks like one amazing year!!!! Happy 2011!!

karly s said...

You have one pretty little girl. But really Leena is quite the doll.

(: I'm on this post, with my clown red hair which is now dark brown. Changed it up a bit. Here I am rambling, anyways you all are beautiful people, and give me smiles.

..............................Beba said...

I love this Katie--you are so amazing : )

With Love, Jamie said...

Lovely, lovely blog you have here! :)
xo, Jamie

O Bella Naturals said...

I loved going through these photos! I feels like I have been along for the ride since I've been following you! :) I love all the little moments you capture, they are the special ones <3 I know you are a hop skip and a jump away from me today, hoping to call you today and get a chance to meet! This weekend was crazy trying to get my husband's school all finished and mailed in. I will cherish that photo of the candles forever, thank you for capturing that feeling. <3 <3 to you my friend

Lil Muse Lily said...

happy new year!!!! what a great flashback post. what a great year you had. and all those photos? dreamy!!

Kamika said...

Your pictures made me laugh and smile, each one is wonderful and unique!

angela's eyes. said...

great post! hapy new year:)