Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Christmas

Christmas was good. Christmas was great. Christmas would have only been better had Joey been there but he is home now and we are grateful for the time we have together. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth. It needs not one day! We can celebrate Christmas all year 'round.

I did not finish my Christmas wreath, mine or Joey's stocking, or a few other things on my list…but I had fun. I laughed. I spent LOTS of time with and reconnected with Leena. I caught up with my mother in law. I reminisced. I baked a Christmas tradition with my mother in law. I have worked out. I sewed a super Leena cape, a super Leena shirt, Leena's stocking, a dress for the kid, legwarmers, two bunnies for two wonderful friends, (will post pictures when I know they have received them since they had no idea how these bunnies were going to look), two pairs of PJ pants and a dress for myself in the past month. That's more sewing than I've done all year long. I've helped a bit in getting the house organized (my mother in law did mainly ALL of it!). I'm feeling pretty productive. All this to say, it's been a great month. I am ready for the new year. I will even make resolutions this year which are really just goals. I never do this because I feel I am setting myself up for failure but this year it's on.

Oh yes and the best part of all. I am happy. Leena is happy. Joey is happy. The animals…well they might be, they haven't said otherwise.

too bad she already opened the side of the present pictured below, daddy's present from "her", and Toy Story during the week beforehand, but hey, she's 2.

Her very own Cabbage patch doll. Thanks Great Grandma K!

a vintage copy of "A Christmas Carol," me thinks it's a first edition

new gloves for the bebe

Not pictured:
-Fake Bacon Frittata, which Cathy ate like a champ without looking at me like I am a freak for not eating meat and using something that looks like begging strips in our breakfast.
-Us watching Ferngully, which was in Leena's stocking and Beauty and the Beast and Toy Story from Grandma Cathy.
-Our Christmas lunch of ham for Cathy, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and more "facon" frittata for me.
-My husband being spoiled rotten on the boat since he was offshore for Christmas with a feast of champions. At least his work got the hint that it sucks to be away from loved ones, especially on special days. Oh and this feast included lobster. Where's my lobster…and butter? ;)

It was a good day. Have I mentioned that yet?

The wind is howling outside and it's cuddle o'clock with my husband.

Peace and Love.


Charlotte said...

Love the new header!

Without knowing you, can I say Leena looks a lot like you? 'cuz I think she does!

Violet Bella said...

im sooooooo glad you had such a wonderful holiday. really, this makes my heart happy!!! leena looks so adorable in every dang photo! james and i LOVE our bunnies!!!! i tried calling and texting you but didnt get ahold of you. love them! so much, ridiculously adorable! cant wait to name them! thank you! i would love to hear you goals for the year!

Violet Bella said...

oh, and i absolutely love the new look of the blog! so very very much!

O Bella Naturals said...

Your Christmas sounds so lovely, I'm so glad you had a great time, and I'm glad Joey is back in your arms :) Good for you for sewing so much! That's awesome! I would love to do a little trade of your sewn animals with mine, that would be so much fun! <3