Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Addition


I am the new addition to the Demidow household. My mommy, Leena, hasn't named me yet but I am okay with that. I know she will and that I will love it. My creator, Katelyn, well, she is swell. She put lots of love into me.
Here are some of my favorite things:
I like to eat macarons.

I also really love to hang out, by my ears of course.
This is the best way to hear all the birdies chirp and sing in the yard.

When I am not hanging out I like to sit in trees. Especially trees bearing fruit.

Satsumas are my favorite.
My other favorite thing to do is to wear flowers behind my ears.

It makes me feel so girlie and cute!
Well I am off to bed but be on the look out for my friend, Hopping Feather, tomorrow. She is going to go on a great, big adventure and is being put up for adoption in Katelyn's etsy shop!

Peace Love and carrot sticks.


Violet Bella said...

ooooo you are just tooo cute! tell your mommy that she is the greatest! i wish you could have met our two babies before they left your house! they dont have names yet either, so dont feel too bad :) im sure one day you will all meet! xoxo,

Lil Muse Lily said...

sooooooooooooo cute!