Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

A day late! We had a wonderful day full of family time. I seriously love my mother in law. She's amazing and has helped me out mentally, emotionally and physically get back to being me. Myself. The mother I know I am. I am sad that I couldn't spend the day with my wonderful husband but soon enough we'll be together again and have some big plans made. :) Cathy was the perfect Christmas mate for Leena and I this year if we couldn't have Joey with us.

Here's what I wore today on our post Christmas errand running:

Dress: Goodwill (50 cents, SCORE.:))
Sweater...the infamous Joey sweater: Ebay
Tights: Urban Outfitters ($1.99, couldn't pass them up!)
Boots: My least favorite store ever. Walmart. Last year.
Headband: Me, When Laura taught me how to crochet a chain.
Necklace: Violet Bella :)
And you can't see it but there is a little pin on the collar of the sweater with two birdies on it and it says, "Best Friends" from my fun penpal, Maryam.

Working on my Christmas photos today.

Peace and Love!


And apparently my computer uploaded it sideways.


bundtcake said...

I always love your clothes!!!!!! gimmie some of your style and talent....please? ill pay for shipping lol

Aubrey said...

Cute dress! Love the new look of your blog! xo