Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas Dress

There has been so much going on here the last few days now that we are no longer sick. Cathy is cracking the whip and getting this house organized. We desperately needed this! Joey and I are both terrible at organizing and it doesn't help we don't really have shelves or boxes to store things on/in. I'm super sentimental and reminiscent tonight after working on cleaning out our closet...literally, not figuratively. I went through all my old photos mainly from high school and all the letters that Joey saved of mine that I wrote him. He's so sappy and I love it. His pack rattiness is paying off in that department. I wish I had more of the letters he wrote me. Some yucky, drama filled high school-esque situations between Joey and I throughout the time we were broken up drove me to throw out most of the letters he wrote me the first time we dated in our sophomore year. Girls are so moody...i.e. me. ;)

My room is a mess. You know. Let's clean and organize one part of the room and the rest will end up looking like the atomic bomb went off. I am overwhelmed but Cathy is my cheerleader and will find me if I get buried under a pile of crud.

My post tonight was going to be for the last three days or so but I have far too many photos to edit still to show you all of them especially since I need to find my bed tonight so I can sleep in it...and not on the couch.

So here is the official Christmas dress post.

Peace and Love!

P.S. I guest blogged over at Pamplemousse today with a tutorial on sweater legwarmers. :) Go check it out.

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bundtcake said...

I LOOOOOOOVE her dress!!!!!! you did such a great job!!!!!