Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Fashion Week- Day 3

Here's day three:

Outfit details:
Glasses: Warby Parker
Shirt: Hot Topic
Sorry Hello Kitty for suffocating you.
Skirt and Belt: Goodwill
Tights: Target
Shoes: Wally World….er. Walmart.
Yes, I should've ironed my skirt…I would have…if I could find the iron.
Yes, blurry…but at least you can see the ahoy mate. :)

Day 04/30 with no make up for my project- Project: Chasing Beauty. Go check out the blog and facebook page. :)
A Leena photo from today.
My daughter is adorable…I must say.
And no, I wasn't trying to rhyme.
Peace and Love.


Mandy said...


Pam said...

Beautiful. You, the outfit, the wee girl, the photos. <3

Lydia Marie said...

I love all the colors in this outfit! Especially the tights! And I'm horrible with ironing too, it's such a pain so I usually go wrinkly.

Em-Jae said...

Your daughter is totally beautiful! She's lucky to have a mama with such creative style! :]

With Love, Jamie said...

Gorgeous outfit!!

Chelsea said...

your outfits are both so unique. love your daughters hair piece.

E said...

Your daughter is so cute! I love the color combo that you're rocking.

Charlotte said...

You both look lovely. You especially. You look like an awesome punk fairy.

Rachael said...

Ooooh! Totally my favorite of all your outfits so far (and you've the other two were cu-ute!).

Violet Bella said...

muh favorite!

Bevin Albright said...

Your photos are always so beautiful! And I love those shoes. You looked absolutely beautiful!

happy owl erin said...

cute top and skirt. LOVE the combo!

bebe bird beck said...

Good grief. You and your daughter. Cutest thing ever.
Love how colorful you are.