Monday, August 23, 2010

Noone Sweeter Than You

No matter how much my daughter may act out and be incredibly two at times, she is the sweetest little girl. Today I woke up very sick and feeling like yacking. While I was sitting by the toilet she came over and said, "It's okay Momma" and proceeded to try to button up my over shirt to keep me warm. Any time I would cough she would ask me if I was okay and any time I just looked down in the dumps she would come give me a hug and tell me it was okay. I am so blessed to have her.
She kept her hand on my knee while we ate dinner and watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure tonight. My daughter likes creepy Pee Wee. I am so proud. ;) (Side note: I actually owned a Pee Wee doll when I was little. It was awesome.)

I also need to say thank you to Donna for picking up some "throw up sick" essentials for me this morning. It's so nice to have a friend like her.

Hopefully I will not wake up having to throw up tomorrow so I can do my sunrise morning with Leena. Send me good vibes everyone!

Peace and Love.

P.S. We now have 5 butterflies....2 of which are trying to mate.

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Violet Bella said...

sweet sweet little girl. that is so precious. i so hope you are feeling better by now. and if you cant catch the sunrise this morning, there is always another morning. love you girls