Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today we have butterflies.
This is such an incredible experience. I recommend you all visit this site and invest in the little butterfly kit. I would also recommend keeping said butterfly kit out of reach of kitties. Cheerio knocked over the pavilion today. Luckily all the remaining three chrysalides managed to stay hanging, hopefully to still turn into beautiful butterflies. One butterfly seems to have gotten out without a scratch but one has a tear in her wing. :( Cheerio is on my list.
Beside that incident today was just a mill about kind of day. I am fighting a cold and trying to keep Leena from getting said cold. This is the first one I have gone through with no western medicines and I have to say, it's going so much better. I don't feel as cloudy and bogged down. Yes, I don't want to run a mile but really I don't feel as down in the dumps as I normally do with a cold, especially a summer cold. This is my regimen.
Leena and I just hung out and played today.
I must say, my daughter is gorgeous.

Here's some videos from today's shenanigans.

Here's one from when I was hooping.

Big plans for tomorrow morning if I can drag my butt out of bed early enough to see the sunrise. Wish me luck!

Peace and Love.


angela's eyes said...


Leena IS SO GOREGOUS, but most of all, she seems happy and peaceful in her photos!


Peace Love and Leener said...

Thank you so much Angela. I hope to make her a happy environment. I have my bad days but hopefully the good days overweigh that in her memory.

Violet Bella said...

gosh i miss that giggle. james was sleeping when i was watching this and he just woke up and came in the room saying, 'i heard leena'... ha ha.

the hooping video didnt work!!!