Saturday, August 28, 2010

Goodbye Little Butterflies.

Leena and I released the butterflies the other day under the magnolia tree. They're for you Grandpa. We released them one by one getting them to sit on our hand just long enough to whisper something to them and let them go. To one of the butterflies we asked her to watch over us and our dreams and another, the one with the ripped wing, we told her to show the world it's okay to be unique. Leena giggled like a maniac when trying to get the butterflies to sit on her hand and they would tickle her with their wings. She told them all bye bye and waved and told them to go be with Grandpa. :)

I will be working on the "Sunriseamentory" soon for you all to enjoy. :)

Peace and Love.

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OliviagraceBoutique said...

awhh..that's so sweet...they went to see "grandpa"....My daughter's fish just died..and we had to bury it , so she said its with "grampy" cute..