Thursday, June 3, 2010

On the road to Harmony

As I walked into my acupuncture appointment apprehension hit me from trying something new. My acupuncturist introduced herself, Kee, short for Keetha and my apprehension started to fade. I could see how warm and aware she was instantly. We went back to the "exam" room where we started to go over my history and why I was there today. After a series of questions about what I marked on my papers it got to me marking "low appetite." This brought up grandpa's passing and how since then I haven't really been too hungry. How I've started to regain some more of a normal appetite but still not enough. Turned out her grandmother who she was very close with passed a month ago as well. She fully understands what I am going through and we both became teary eyed. We chatted about our ideals like two old friends. She looked at my tongue to see what it told her about me. 1: The tip of my tongue was brighter red than the rest. I am not sleeping well. 2: My tongue is very thin. Not enough water. 3: The back of my tongue is purplely in color. I am in pain. Bingo, Bingo and Bingo. So I stripped down to my undies, climbed under the sheet and waited for Keetha to return. We then started. One needle in the ear. I can do this. She gets all the needles in then leaves me to focus on getting back to how I was the day I was born. Tears come again but only for a moment. My mind would not shut down. Then, when I started letting go of my worldly concerns, I started floating through a dream like state. I was guiding myself. Finding grandpa in the moon and sitting under the magnolia tree to soak him in. Today I was released.

I am on the path to regain myself. My soul is at peace. My body is at peace.

No more Mirena, no more toxins. On my way to harmony.

Peace and Love.


Violet Bella said...

this sounds like just what you needed. and i have a feeling i should have been right there with you. im so glad you are taking these steps towards healing, towards a better you. it is going to result in so much goodness.

O Bella Naturals said...

I am .. SO .. SO SO very glad to hear your treatment went this well. Wow, I couldn't have imagined that kind of feeling, thank you for sharing it with us. I am supporting you on your way to harmony, with everything and with yourself. :)