Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Full of love

You ever have those "aha!" moments? Well figuring out that the Mirena was messing with my body was mine. Also, choosing acupuncture was just the icing on that cake. In the week I have had the mirena out my mood has dramatically improved. I am in love again. With everything. Everything around me and everyone in my life. I am getting back to being an involved parent. I haven't been raising Leena to my fullest capacity. I haven't been teaching her enough. Enjoying enough. This last week has been filled with more hugs and kisses than ever. She can tell there is a change. Mommy is back and mommy is so in love.

Today Leena and I went to the park that has water fountains that spray for kids to play in.

We met our Brandi and Brayden for some fun filled time in the sun. They seemed to enjoy playing in the dirt rather than the water however. After they were ready to go we all went out to lunch together. It was nice to be able to relax and hang out.

We then came home where Leena took a long nap. She didn't even fight going down. I guess that's what some good old fashioned running around outside will do to a girl.

I received a lovely package from one of my two penpals, Maryam. She sent a coloring book and scented colored pencil for Leena (which I can't stop sniffing), a gorgeous drawing she did, some postcards, a note and some dish towels, which are adorable! Here's one of the two. :)
Penpals make me happy. There is something so wonderful about getting to know someone through regular mail. Not enough people send REAL mail I think. It surely brightened my day. I challenge everyone to send a letter to someone this week. A letter just because. I am going to send a lot more mail just because starting with my lovely two penpals.

On Sunday this week I found out I am severely allergic to some ant that is out here. From what I found online it seems to be the "Velvety Tree Ant." I got bit twice between my big toe and second toe and within a half hour or so I looked like this.
(The two benedryl I took have clearly kicked in in this photo.)
It's hard to tell but my face and neck were completely covered in hives as well. I became so itchy within 5 minutes that I wanted to scratch my skin off. Donna had been over that night helping me clean and ended up taking me to the ER when my throat started to tighten. I am so very thankful for Donna. I got a shot of meds in my bum and those made me feel a ton better. Now I have to make an appointment to go to a regular doctor and talk to him about getting an epi pen or something of that sort.

I leave you with this photo.
I first heard of To Write Love on Her Arms last November and their message is simple and profound. If you haven't heard of TWLOHA, you should go here. Everyone is beautiful and everyone is loved. Every life is worth living. Worth the fight.

P.S. My other rocking penpal Meghann sent me my gorgeous bird nest necklace in this photo. I lucked out on the penpal train!

Peace and Love to you all!

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Violet Bella said...

i am sooooo happy that taking out the mirena has had such a profound effect on your soul. now you are really going to be able to hula hoop dance! woo hoo!

seeing the photo of your swollen ant face really puts it into perspective to me! that is so scary and im so glad donna was there with you!

i do need to get back in to writing more real letters. i say it all the time, and then never do. i am going to make it a point! thanks katelyn!

you are a big inspiration