Sunday, May 2, 2010

Freak out over.

I needed the day to overreact and reconnect with myself yesterday. Joey and I decided that he will request some time off in November so we can go to Houston together as a family while I go to a Doula workshop! It's falling into place. :) Today was just a laid back day. I made a fair amount of organic seed paper to put into the etsy shop tomorrow. :) I also made a paper bowl. Can't wait to see how it dries.

Sprouting seed paper. (Radishes)

I am trying to be much more active and set a good example for Leena. Working out, running around, going on walks, etc. Here's some photos from our walk today.

When we got back home we checked on the garden and played in the backyard. In a matter of 30 minutes or so I got chewed up. Oh the joys of mosquitos.

She was giving the sprinkler I had set up for her the "eye". She was not fond of it and demanded it to go off.
She picked my pretty lilies. :(
On our way back in she felt like trying to get into the car. She had both feet off the ground at one point. She's bound to make me poop my pants.
Who says you can't get great photos with a cell phone? This makes me feel so peaceful.

I had to share this lovely hair do from yesterday. This is what happens when you rub peanut butter into your hair. It's all the rage in Europe.

I love our laid back days. I love that little girl, even if she is exceptionally two lately and is overusing the word "no." Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Peace and Love.