Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pocket full of rocks

Looky what I got today from Mr. UPS man!

Maggie's Pureland sent me some products to try so I can let you all know how I like them before the giveaway. They were so generous and sent some soapnut seed earrings along as well!
I can't wait to share my opinion of their products with you all. :)

So remember when I asked for suggestions on what to make with Molasses? Well I forgot to take into account that I despise molasses. Whoops, my bad. I made the blueberry molasses cake that Kimmy sent me the link to. It was disgusting. Really. Not even Leena would eat it. Who ever loves molasses is a freak, ahem Jenny. Sorry had to clear my throat. ;)

Today is going to be a great day! Joey will be home in a few hours from being offshore. Leena will be so excited to see him...and Brownie for that matter. Not so much Bonzai. Joey tortures Bonzai, then wonders why Leena is so rough with him. Hmmmmm. Oh yes, I too am excited to see him. hehe

I also have a photo shoot with a gorgeous pregnant woman and her hilarious husband. I can't wait! It is also her birthday today! Happy Birthday Jessica!

Leena learned a new word the other day, well maybe not learned it but decided it was her word of the day. That word is "pocket" as in "Mommy, let me stick a million and one rocks in your pocket while we are on a walk." I have started a rock jar for her to save all her lovelies in. Our walks are getting longer and longer, maybe not from going farther but from exploring our surroundings more and Leena physically walking on our walk. We go at a stop and start pace which equals out to about .1 mph. I wouldn't have it any other way. The only complaint is the humidity which is coming out full force now.

She was having the baby push the stroller, holding it's hands on it like I do with hers when helping her push something.

I am pleased to announce that the asparagus we have long given up hope on growing now has three tall super skinny stalks! Our garden is getting more and more exciting every day. Our tomatoes are flowering, potato plants are HUGE, the rhubarb has four stalks now, we have blackberries forming and even blueberries! We were afraid our soil was not acidic enough for the blueberries.

Also, I made almond butter yesterday!
My recipe needs some tweaking but once I have it right I will post it! :)

I listed my first sets of seed tag paper into my etsy store a couple days ago and have sold one set already! Thank you Miss Carly! I really hope you love them! I am working on a whole line of papers. I have a few "inspired" sets I am going to get to work on for three of the most talented women. I am narrowing down the ideas I just need a few items to make it happen. :) I am hoping you will love them Renea, Betsy and Laura! Be sure to check out my store here.

Joey and I decided that it's in our best interest to get off Mirena. Not because we want to get pregnant right now but because I feel it's messing with my body. In the last year and a half I have been moody and depressed a lot and just have had an overall yuckiness. I chalked it up to being a mom but then put two and two together that I did in fact get all sorts of hormonal once the mirena was put in. We are going the all natural way and saving to get this nifty little gadget. No more chemicals, no more messing up the natural way of my body, no more pregnancy scares thinking I am pregnant and if so the baby will have all sorts of issues from being in there with the mirena or just even the scary thought of ectopic pregnancy. I don't want to risk being infertile from using it. I actually miss my "monthly visitor." That is how my body is supposed to function. Why do we do this to ourselves women? I understand for some women it is in the best interest to have it for health and ovary reasons but for any normal uterus type women like myself, what's the point?!

So, that was a lot of rambling. You are all caught up now on the happenings in this household. Now I think it's time for some water play with little miss. I may or may not post again tonight with a few pictures from the maternity shoot. :D

Peace and Love!

P.S. Congrats to my friend Jenny who started her very own blog! She went back and forth on the idea for quite some time afraid she wasn't interesting enough. She finally took the dive! I can't wait to see where it takes her! Go check it out and say, "Hi." Her first blog was all about poop, practically. hehe We are going to play "pimp my blog" today on hers. :)


penny threads. said...

can't wait to see the photos from your photo shoot! and almond butter?!?!?! that sounds so good...if you make some and the recipe works i SOOOO want it too! that lil' gadget looks interesting. i feel like it sounds to good to be true but i think i might be interested in trying that sometime down the road. thanks for sharing the link. :)
can't wait to get some of your seed papers! ciao beautiful!

BabyBundtBakery said...

hahahah i totally was in your blog a lot today......what an honor! ps today my blog kinda sucks. I didnt do anything interesting enough today hahahahahaha. you are gonna have to show me how to make it perty! love you lady and all your hippie ways

O Bella Naturals said...

Yay! I can't wait to hear your review of this. It'd be nice to hear a first hand review!! How is it that they grow so fast? Just since I started following your blog, Leena has grown so much! She looks like such a big girl. I love her hair :)
And I love that you save what she collects, that's so sweet.
I'm excited for your etsy shop, and for my seed paper, you're seriously awesome to send some my way!
I would love to try to make almond butter, can't wait to hear your recipe.
I hope you guys find that this is what your body needs since it's no good on mirena. I hope you start feeling like yourself again soon!!

Violet Bella said...

im happy about your choice to get off of mirena, i felt the same way with normal birth control, it was amazing how much it changed me in such a short time, i got off of it fast though! excited to see how this works for you.

and i am so excited to see how your 'inspiration' papers come out for me, renea and betsy, that is the coolest thing!

can i say it again??? im in love with leena! i really do hope you come down in june. james and i are ready for you!

sorry, im a bit behind in the blog world, havent been up to it lately. big love...

Peace Love and Leener said...

I can't wait to come! I am really thinking the end of June!

The inspiration papers might have to wait till I get back from CA but they are definitely in the works!

I am thrilled to be getting off Mirena. It can't come sooner!