Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two already?!

Oh little Leena Bean. What a whirlwind these last two years have been! They have gone by so terribly fast and I wish time would slow down a bit. You are such a wonderful girl and have amazed me with everything you have learned and do. I am awed by your sweetness and so proud of your love for the world around you. You have taught me so much and have made me a better person. I wish that I can teach you even a fraction of the wisdom you have imparted on me. I am no where near the perfect mom and am so glad you have forgiven me for all my mess ups. My life would be nothing without you. We, as a family, have made it through two years, none the worse for wear. That is very deserving of a celebration. April 8th, my little love, is YOUR day.

Pinwheels make anything cute.

My mixed media art on a window that is on our patio for Leena's birthday.

Yummy yummy food. We enjoyed chicken tacos (fish for mommy), beans, spanish rice and deviled eggs (made from the millions of eggs from Easter) at the party.

Leena and her duck were very interested in the setting up.

I can't believe she's now at the age she can eat an apple by herself after someone "starts" it for her!

Presents are always fun!

Leena's most favorite toy, EVER.

This girl loves shoes and she is in heaven with 4 pairs of heels for herself!

Mommy and daddy got her a tricycle.

It's awesome.

Her favorite thing about it is the bell of course.

She enjoyed lemon cake. :)

REALLY enjoyed it!

She got to enjoy cake twice. Daddy had to work during the party so when he got home we did cake again with him. She was so excited to blow the candle out again that she got upset when Auntie Kimmy stopped her so we could sing Happy Birthday first. Oh, to be two.

Leena, you had a great 2nd birthday. It's already been decided though that you are not allowed to have any more. You must remain two forever. ;) We love you very much.

Sleep well everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
Peace and love.


penny threads. said...

well happy birthday to little leena! she's just more and more darling every time i see photos. yay! LOVE that painting you did on the window. adorable. :D

Violet Bella said...

i agree with renea, i just keep falling in love with this little girl! omg her bike is perfect, i think you decided on just the right thing. i wish i lived closer, me and her could have matching pink Shwinns and ride together! that would be so fun! i love the pinwheels you made, so wonderful, and great photo :) glad you had fun with your company. and i love the way you paper wall came out. and yes, it might just take a little time for you to get used to all of the changes.


Sara Patton said...

Aww, Happy birthday Leena bug! And what a pimptastic tricycle that is!