Thursday, April 8, 2010

Egg dying, Easter and New Orleans, OH MY!

Hey everyone! I am finally catching up on blogging. It's been a crazy few days. One of my sister's drove in on Friday and my friends Nicole and Karly flew in as well. We had fun. :)

On Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market since I found out we have a small one here in town. The people were so nice. I just love farmer's markets and the people. Here's my goodies we came home with.
Fresh Broccoli, whole wheat bread, Satsumma Marmalade, French Butter Muffins and a "Green Dreams" smoothie. It is all so yummy!

This next Saturday the bread people are going to have sourdough! I can't wait. :)

Later that day, after cleaning off our patio, we dyed hardboiled eggs. 5 dozen to be exact. We be crazy! hehe

Leena loved helping everyone dye their eggs.

Karly was concentrating. :)

Nicole concentrating.

We had a wonderful and laid back Easter.
Oh how I loved Leena's Easter basket this year. We got her very little. I don't see the point in large baskets full of tons of candy and toys. Her basket consisted of a vintage bunny shaped wicker basket, a sugar egg from 1950, a Mr. and Mrs. Potato head bunny style from 1987, a vintage cross necklace and some bugs and bees Lindt chocolates. She loved it all!

Then we headed out to the front yard for an Easter egg hunt.

Such concentration!

And being such a lady.

"You're going down egg."

Apparently this is where the Mrs. Potato Head hat goes.

"Leena say 'Happy Easter!" "Happy DAY!"

"Mom, Auntie Kimmy just told me to sit down."

On Monday we went to New Orleans. :)
I was wondering why the restaurant we ate lunch at had Knott's Berry Farm syrup.
Toto, we aren't in the South anymore.

Again, Leena proves she is a lady. She loves beignets.

I hope you have all had a wonderful few days! Sorry this blog is so lame. ;) I am caught up now and will post about Leena's birthday and our wallpapering adventures tomorrow!
Peace and Love.


O Bella Naturals said...

Totally not a lame blog, I loved seeing your pictures from your weekend, thanks for sharing them :) Leena looked beautiful in her Easter dress, and I share your sentiments about easter baskets. Awesome job on the eggs, looked like lots of fun! Yummy grabs on the farmers market too!!

2 Halls become 3 said...

Love this post and the pictures. Leena's Easter basket makes me awesome. And I am totally in love with her Easter dress!!!

Violet Bella said...

leenas easter dress was just the best. james thought so too if that tells you anything! glad you had fun with your company!

Peace Love and Leener said...

Awww thanks! That does tell me a lot Laura!
Glad you guys enjoyed my game of catch up! hehe