Sunday, April 11, 2010

Introducing the love of Orange and Purple

Welcome to our newly painted entry way and living room. The process of turning my house into a circus has begun and I couldn't be happier. Leena has used the word "orange" more times in the last 2 days than since she has learned the word.

Bonzai tries to escape.

So recently, Kelle Hampton, one of my most favorite bloggers, asked about life in your home and the places it comes alive. There is no hesitation in my mind when I think that life awakens in our living room.
This is the place that mommy slowly wakes up in the morning as her toddler is running in circles excited for each new day and what awaits us. Where baby took her first steps and first learned to stand. Each day brings animals wrestling and then snuggling in for naps together.
This is the room that breathed new life into an abandoned book which was collecting dust in an attic.

Where we watch videos, sing songs and enjoy a million giggles.

This is the room that stuffed animals that daddy had as a kid hitch rides in play strollers...

...and well, fear for their lives.

This is the room that the cat chases sun spots.

And gets kisses from visiting sisters/aunties.

This is the room that daddy watches on proudly and so in love while his little girl dances in the setting sun.

This is the room where a little girl was potty trained and where mommy does all her work at the same time.

This is the room that curious 2 year olds bring all their toys into instead of playing with them in her room.

Where aunties and nieces share hilarious moments.

This is the room that mommy smiles because she can look over and see beautiful photos of a goofy little girl even while that bean is sleeping soundly in her bed.

This is the room that was so deserving of a new coat of paint that reflects the life that happens in there.

And the room that Aunties run for their lives from a toddler wielding a stroller. This is the room where toddlers spend more time naked than clothed because she's discovered that clothing is overrated.

Our living room is where life happens.

I went through my phone today and found many photos I haven't shared and some videos.

Leena got sick of sitting in the stroller. She would rather pull it.

She was loving the barking dogs. She was not happy when mommy told her she couldn't go pet them and we had our own doggie at home she could play with.

Joey thinks pants are hats. This is where my kid got her freak genes from. Couldn't possibly be me!

Yesterday we went out for crawfish before my sister goes back home on Tuesday. :( Her one request was crawfish.
Me entertaining myself in the car on the way there.
Leena LOVED the spicy corn, even if it was making her gulp down her drink and cough she couldn't resist it.

Leena loves Miss Donna. Maybe even more than her mommy. ;)

Cute Kimmy.

My "stud." The parking attendant at Steamboat Bill's was amazed that Joey opened my car door for me. He told him he was a stud, clapped a bit and just hoot and hollered about it for some time. As we were backing out there was a "You're the MAN!" yelled out by him as well. I think Joey was throughly embarrassed by that point....or just thinking the guy was insane.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Peace and love.


Anonymous said...

Love the colors and the post about where life happens. Very toucing.

Violet Bella said...

in love with your little family...