Saturday, April 17, 2010

Giveaway announcement!

I haven't made it a secret that I am trying to stray from as many chemicals as possible in our life including our laundry soap. I was talking with a friend a few months ago who was looking for cloth diaper safe laundry soap and came to the conclusion that she would make her own. Well through that conversation I came to the conclusion that I would be trying soapnuts. I was a bit skeptical but a lot excited that there may be a completely natural product that grows on trees I can use to wash my clothing. I tried it on mine and Leena's clothes and was happy with the results. Then I decided to see just how well the soapnuts worked. I tried it on Joey's clothes. He's a mess monster and works around a lot of dirt and sometimes even comes home with mildew-smelling clothes from being offshore. Well his clothes came out as clean and fresh as if I were using a chemical laden laundry detergent. I was impressed to say the least. With my cloth diapers I would throw in a bit of vinegar every now and then for a bit more cleaning/disinfecting power.

All that rambling aside. I was ecstatic to find a comment posted on one of my blogs, where I had mentioned my friend Donna making soapnut liquid (I turned her to the "dark" side. hehe) one afternoon when I went to visit, about hosting a giveaway! Maggie's Pureland offered a giveaway to two of my readers. I am not quite sure what all that will include, but it will be awesome I am certain. I am going to review the products first and share my experience with all of you before then so stay tuned. Their liquid soapnut detergent intrigues me since it has lavender and tea tree oil already mixed into it, both of which have wonderful antiseptic qualities.

I am not sure what the "rules" for entering will be just yet but hopefully it will be fun for all! I am also thinking of some other little goodies to throw into the mixing pot as well. ;)

Hope you are all having a happy Saturday!
Peace and love.


Violet Bella said...

i am curious to say the least :)

jenny bundt said...

I cant wait!!!! I hope I win! I hope I win1 I hope I win! lol ive been looking for an excuse to buy the soapnuts but since I have a bunch of detergent I couldnt justify spending the money.....if I win....well thats different!

penny threads. said...

totally can't wait to enter the giveaway and even if i don't win i am curious to try some of this natural detergent. i am already using O Bella's soaps for shower and hand washing so the more natural i can get the BETTER! yay! :D can't wait.

O Bella Naturals said...

I've heard only good things about soap nuts, definitely interested!