Sunday, April 25, 2010

First roll from the Holga

Hi everyone! Not much typing for this blog, really just going to share all my photos from my first roll of film from my new Holgawood. :) Most stink but oh well. Live and learn. I didn't tape up my Holga at all just to see how it'd come out untampered with.

Trying a double exposure.
Leena loves getting her picture taken....Actually she was upset she couldn't play with the pink oh so kid friendly looking camera.
A little Violet Bella love. :)
Not so much on the Brownie love.
She loves that pinwheel.
I am really bummed about this photo. My Penny Threads cream puff ring didn't get to shine. :(
Love the blues in this one.
More VB love. I was quite digging my hair that day too.

This is my favorite. Minus the neighbors ugly satellite dish in the background.
This one has really grown on me. I like the built in "diptych" look I got on this from rolling the film a bit too far. Whoops. hehe

That's all for tonight. Working on the Leenamentory still. I hope to have it done Tuesday if not tomorrow.

Peace and Love.


Tiffani said...

I love love LOVE those last two! I really want to get a Holga :(

Violet Bella said...

so in love with these, i want to play with one of these babies! and it has to be one of the most adorable cameras :) i love the VB shots, excellent!

2 Halls become 3 said...

Love them! I really need to develope some of my film from my holga. I am sure they are nothing as good as these, though!

O Bella Naturals said...

These are great! I love them! There's something to be said for film cameras, I haven't taken a picture on one in quite a long time. I love the second to last one, how Leena's hair is flowing out behind her, it's so pretty :)

Peace Love and Leener said...

Thank you all! I definitely recommend getting a Holga. It is so fun! Crystal, you DO need to develop them! I am sure they are excellent! I don't think most of these photos are anything special. Betsy, I am going to frame that one and probably the last one too.

Rachael Rose said...

These look really good! I just got a Diana Mini lomography camera and I wasn't too happy with my first roll.... I can't figure out which lighting makes the best pictures for that camera... Guess Ill just keep on tryin though! haha.. Ill have to do a post with a few pics from my first roll though.

Beautiful daughter!