Friday, April 23, 2010

Errand Day

Just a quick post with a few promised pictures of little miss. Today we ran some errands. Ran to chase, the library, dropped off our utility bill and then took my first roll of film from my Holga to be developed. Phew. On my way to drop off the film I called my friend Jessica who I haven't seen in forever! Her and I are really good at playing text message tag so I broke the cycle and actually called! GASP! I should send her a letter in the mail. Who does that anymore?! Anywho, I told her I wanted sushi and to see her so we should go and now. So after dropping off my film I went and picked her up (woot, carpooling!) and we headed to the mall. I know, we are so exciting. I got my sushi and she got her Leena time. I seriously had to keep an eye on Jessica when we went to Kohl's. She was going to steal her. So with all that rambling aside here are some photos I snapped from my phone.
Jessica, being unsatisfied with my answer on her "What do you think of this shirt?" question, proceeded to ask Leena what she thought. The jury is still out on if Leena's answer was "Oh yes, it's lovely" or if it was "So when are we retiring in Miami with Rose, Blanche, Sophia and Dorothy?"
"And can I wear this hat?"
Okay, see here! Right here is the very reason she has a scar on her nose. Refer to the night she put a pillowcase on her head and ran into a table with her nose!

Well that was the gist of our day. We had fun trying on clothes and being girls. Hope you all had a wonderful Friday! Happy Weekending!

Peace and Love

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