Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What we've been up to:

Here's what we've been up to the last few days!
We went to Donna's. Once the kids were asleep we swam and made s'mores and had the best unhealthiest popcorn ever!

I found this beauty under our magnolia tree today. It was not there last year. Just another sign that grandpa is with me out here. The magnolia tree is "our" place.

We went to the chiropractor where Leena got a sucker and birthday hat for her birthday (since they hadn't seen her since before her birthday).

I've been working on my organic seed paper. I am so excited. This is part of Hannah's set for her wedding favor tags. Can't wait to get the stamp to put on them. :) Did I forget to mention that the packaging I have for these babies is compostable cello bags? Yep, pretty awesome. I can't wait to put this line in my etsy store.

Most exciting is that I am getting back into my Doula training. I have put it off for quite some time now. I have been reprioritzing my life and have needed to let go of a few things to follow my path where ever it may take me. Birthing in the United States is in a dire state of emergency. I hope I can help spread the knowledge of natural births and midwives.

I am still working on the Leenamentory. I am hoping it won't look silly. Well silly in the amateur sense. ;)

Peace and love for now!


Violet Bella said...

katelyn, was leena a home birth? if so, i would love for you to tell me the full story sometime. i am so curious about it. i would love to go that way, but it scares james to death.

oh how i want to campfire! and swim! lucky girl you are!

Peace Love and Leener said...

No, she was not unfortunately. Her birth was what fueled my decision to become a Doula. We plan a homebirth for the next so if you guys don't get pregnant before then I will have a story for you. :) Homebirth's are much safer than hospitals. Hospitals have intervention after intervention which leads to higher infant and maternal mortality rates.

O Bella Naturals said...

Hi Katelyn! Yet another point we agree upon, natural births! That's so awesome that you are getting into Doula training, what an amazing profession. You must have seen the business of being born? Isabella wasn't a home birth, but I would love for our second to be. Fortunately I refused everything they tried to give me, like an epidural and pitosin when my labor stopped, it was mainly due to my support system.
My sister is having a home birth with a midwife in July, so I'm really excited to be a part of it.
I'm excited for you on this re prioritizing path :)
And organic paper? That's awesome, I love it!

Peace Love and Leener said...

Yes totally on the Business of Being Born. Laura you should watch it! It would help James understand about home births! Good for you Betsy! Glad you refused everything! I wish I could've done the same. I got induced because I was scared of Joey being offshore while I went into labor and having Leena completely alone. It was a bad choice on my part but I definitely learned! A doula pointed out to me yesterday that I can't change what has happened and that would give me more understanding to couples who think it would be better to get the epidural and/or pitocin. I know just how yucky they are. I will know what I am talking about for sure with them instead of just having this perfect idyllic labor and delivery the first time around.

Hannah said...

I'm so excited about the tags! I can't wait to see how they turn out :)
Also, I just recently found out a birthing center is opening very soon out here. This is definitely where I will be going if they let me (not sure with the whole high-risk thing if they allow that). While my hospital experience wasn't terrible, I definitely preferred the hours I spent laboring at home! Plus, my mom always says that my birth at home was by far the best of all of her experiences.

O Bella Naturals said...

That must have been so hard making that decision, you both are very strong! I definitely agree that you will be able to relate in another way to patients who are trying to decide.

I agree, that movie may help you decide Laura! I wish I had watched it before having Isabella, but we all learn! I was lucky to have a relatively uncomplicated labor with Bella, although it was long, but my sisters went through some terrible experiences in the hospital. My oldest sister almost died with her 4th, it was awful.
I seriously am so excited to hear more about your journey through this :)

penny threads. said...

Campfire sounds awesome right about now! I can't wait till you put those organic seed papers in your shop! I want some and I think they would make great gift tags for christmas alongside obella's soaps! That's right...y'all are supplying my christmas gifts this year so get to work! lol...guess it's a little too early to mention that...but i was so excited about the seed papers. so what exactly went into this unhealthy popcorn? i'm always looking for some new guilty pleasure. ;D