Thursday, April 22, 2010

In honor of earth day....

Here's a blog about our garden!
(Violet Bella and Gardening. I think they go quite well together...oh and the little tykes hose nozzle.)

Recently Joey and I have gotten a huge itch to add to our garden. We planted a small one in September and since then have added to it. Mainly Joey's doing. He can keep all the info in his brain a lot better than me. I just help him tend to it. When we eventually move to Oregon or wherever we may end up we are planning on being farmers and hippies. Hippie farmers.

Our compost box that Joey made from scrap wood that was left at our house when we moved in. Great way to recycle I think.

May not look like much now but hopefully everything will start sprouting soon!
We chose to leave all the clovers in our garden because they are so wonderfully great for the soil. Read more.
Spinach will sprout in this dirt soon. Tomatoes in the back.
We got these tomato plants at the farmer's market on Saturday. They are HUGE! I got Miss Donna a tomato plant at Walmart a few days beforehand and then saw these for the same price and they were grown organically. I feel like I owe her a redo on giving her a tomato plant.
Rhubarb. You will be made into a pie in honor of grandpa. That was his favorite.
I harvested some onion today. :)
Doesn't it look like it was meant to be? Our fridge is loving all the fresh veggies.
One of our two fig trees. Please oh please produce figs this year. They look so much better this year than last. They have a ton of new growth on them this season. We think the previous owner of the house cut them back just before we moved in.

Not pictured in our garden:
Pear tree- So excited since this year we actually know what we are doing with them! Last year it was a wait and see game if the tree was actually fruit bearing since we had just moved in right after it's season. So when they did come in we didn't know you need to let them finish ripening off the tree. Watch out everyone in a close proximity to me, you will be peared out!
Lemon Tree- Seriously, these are the biggest lemons I've ever seen. I am really hoping that they are ripe by June when Leena and I plan to go visit the wonderful beauties named Laura and Renea.
Kumquat Tree- Not a huge fan to be honest.
Satsumma Tree- I had never heard of a satsumma before I moved out to Louisiana. They are a form of orange. We eat them up!

Here's an article I thought was interesting. Read here.
My other task today was a load of laundry. I find it so peaceful hanging it on the line and it was the perfect day to do it. Warm and breezy.
You were with me in the garden today
Your life incased in a butterfly
You encircled me as I tended the earth
And gently said, "Hello"
I can feel you with me always
But I am so thankful for the moments
When it's so obvious to all
I know you are watching down on me
And I am more grateful than you know
You live on in everything I feel
You are part of my very soul

Just had to capture the wonderful sunsetting through our window.

So here's my lunch for today: A vegetarian approach to a BLT.
First cook your fake "Morningstar Farms" bacon in a skillet.

Then gather your supplies. Next thing for me to try once we are out of this Mayo is Veganaise. I hear it's quite tasty.
Look Laura, I washed my veggies! (But was not wearing a cute apron. I am ashamed.)
Spread your mayo, cut and place your tomato, put on your farmer's market lettuce and spinach and don't forget the fake bacon!
What a yummy lunch! I approve of the fake bacon! It gives you just the right amount of that bacon flavor you crave but so so so much healthier!

Today was the THE best day in mail history. Want to know why?
I got a lovely new shirt from Laura of Violet Bella and she included a surprise print of one of my favorite photos, Emily and the Leaf! Thank you thank you!
And is that wasn't awesome enough I also received my replacement pink Holgawood as well! Thank you to my wonderfully amazing mother in law for getting me it for my birthday! I went through a whole roll of film in the matter of minutes.
That was the all of the mail we got. ALL. Not a single piece of wasted paper, I mean, junk mail or bills! (Which technically fall under junk mail as well in my mind.)

Here is my new little game I want to play. Each week I will post an ingredient. I am looking for recipes to see how to use this ingredient and I will put all the suggestions in a bag and pick which one I will try and share it all with you. You guys game? I will take suggestions till I feel I won't get anymore.
So my first ingredient is.....
What to do, what to do?

Sorry I didn't post a single photo of Leena. :( She is still not completely back to normal. No marathon running for her yet. Tomorrow I promise photos of the cutie.
Remember, earth day is everyday.

With that I bid you all goodnight!

Peace and Love.

P.S. On the agenda for tomorrow:
Work on my "Leenamentory"
Pick up seeds for Hannah's wedding favor tags :)
Drop off film roll to be developed.


jenny said...

I love your blog....and your face.....just saying

Kim said...

O Bella Naturals said...

Awesome blog! I love your garden! We are going to be farming hippies as well, I share your dream! That's why we are moving, to build a cob house and live off the land! We won't be too far away from you I should imagine so maybe our girls can meet up some day and frolic!
Love your pillow case top, that's a beauty, you got a great one!
A road trip to see those girls sounds like so much fun!
Loved your recipe, sounds like it's my turn to share, sans apron! :)

Sara Patton said...

yay for your garden!! isn't is so therapeutic?? i just love planting things and feeling at one with mother earth :)

Hannah said...

Woot on number 3 of your to do list!
And the whole save the earth thing as well, of course =P

Your Street Photography said...

Oregon??!!?!?! We cater to hippie farmers here!! Your garden looks beautiful.