Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Want to do a flip, Leena?"

Yesterday was just "one of those days". Nothing to report, mommy woke up grumpy and Leena was just a pill. ;) Here's my photo from yesterday.

Today Leena and I had our first "Mommy and Me" class. My little bug had a blast and I can't wait to see how she will do once she gets used to the "routine" of it all. She liked doing flips over the foam wheels, running down the trampolines with the other kids and playing in the ball pit at the gymnasium. When the class part was over they all sat in a line on the edge of a mat and got two donut holes from the coach. I think that was her favorite part. ;)
Then we went to see Miss Donna for a bit before heading home.

Leena being goofy and "hiding" while eating lunch.

Ummmmm.........(Ignore the kid in the standing in the corner behind me. HA!)

Daddy got home from offshore today and we decided we would go out to eat tonight to get some crawfish at least ONCE this crawfish season. We were stuck in traffic for 1 1/2 hours for a drive that would normally take 15 minutes. There was a terrible truck accident. I hope the trucker made it out of the cab safely, it was not a pretty sight. My heart goes out to the driver and his family.

Leena WAS sucking on her toes in the car but as soon as I tried to grab my phone she took them out.

Her being silly in the car. You can't hear it but she was breathing heavy like Darth Vader before I asked her what she was doing. At the very end of the video is her saying "I'm STUCK!"

Miss Donna joined us for dinner. We had a blast!

Two moms at the table and neither of us enforced the "Don't play with your food!" rule. Rather we encouraged it. ;)

You'd think she was going into hibernation!

A game of "Where's Leena?" is always a good time!

I hope you all had a SAFE and wonderful Wednesday. For me it is time to go cuddle up in my husband's arms. Goodnight all!
Peace and Love.


kristen said...

steamboat willies, oh yeah......
AND, your baby has cankles. how sad.

Neon Gypsy said...

Such adorable photographs, Leena is so cute! (: