Monday, March 1, 2010


Disclaimer: Most of these photos were taken with my phone. Sorry! With that said, lets proceed.

Happy Monday all!
It was another rainy day here. Rain, I love you but please oh please rain, can you be traded in for sunshine now? ;)
Here's a picture of what happened when Mommy was putting on her make up before heading out of the house for the day.

Today will filled with many giggles. I visited my friend Donna and watched her beautiful children while she went to the doctors.

This is my kid watching face.

Isn't Monkey perdy? Ignore my wonky eye in this photo. ;)

Mylan giving Leena a puppet show.

Leena is asking her doggie if he "poo pood" and then grabs his tush to see if he did. Hmmm, wonder where she learned that from? Then doggie needed a bath I guess. :P Again, sorry it's sideways, cute nonetheless.

Boy! How Leena loves to play with Donna's kids. Her eldest, Mylan gave Leena the cutest "safari" ride. It made me grin from ear to ear to watch my little bug eat up everything Mylan was saying and showing her. He even went around the room and set up stuffed animals for her to look at with her spot light. :)

Now this animal you need to watch out for. It'll attack at any given moment.


Ah! She's coming right for me!

Mylan getting Leena's attention. Silly boy. :)

Mylan was showing Leena a "map" in the spot light then asking her what the "facts" where that he had just told her. I love that she actually answers him back. What ever she said though, well that is the mystery.

Oh how I love the innocence of children. I just am so blessed to have this wonderful family in my life.

Have a wonderful night!
Peace and Love

I almost forgot to mention that Donna sent me home with some homemade jam. It's wonderful! Thank you so much! My bread will love you. :)

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Violet Bella said...

children are magical...