Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Leena wore big girl panties today:


And modeled her boxer nose:


Her and Bonzai loved on eachother:

Bonzai giving her a kiss.

Her giving Bonzai a kiss. :)

And a hug.

She wanted to be outside and ride in her buggy car:

She was shaking her head back and forth, causing this hairdo.

She swung:

And played in Daddy's truck shell:

She enjoyed her pinwheel that she got a few days ago:

Sticking it in her buggy.

Then she helped Mommy water her flower sprouts:

We enjoyed the beauties of spring:

We just love spring time and each other:

Then after nap we went back outside with sidewalk chalks:
And after the only accident Leena had today and a costume change, back outside we went:

Where we played with a bowl of water:

And she tried to give it to a stray cat:

Then we picked flowers for daddy because even boys like flowers:

For dinner we enjoyed Beef Bourguignon then went out for a celebratory ice cream for Leena's great day:

Where she went the whole way there in big girl panties:

And very much enjoyed her ice cream:
Very much.

And she made it back home, dry as a bone and took a bath.
Now she's sleeping soundly in her bed.

I love my family. The End.
Peace and love.


penny threads. said...

wow! those are some lovely pics. looks like you had a great day! :) love that kitty cat.

Peace Love and Leener said...

Thank you! We had a fantastic day! Hope you did as well!

LINDSAY said...

Sidewalk chalk is the best! I bought 52 sticks for $5 today. It'll provide months of entertainment for the kids (and me)!