Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here's some of the highlights from our day:

Leena: "Pancake!" (pointing out the window at a pinwheel)
Mommy: "No that's a pin wheel."
Leena: "Go outside?"
Mommy: "We'll go outside in a bit."
Leena: "PANTS." (Grabs a pair of pants and puts them on) "Outsiiide."
Mommy: "Well now you'll need shoes."
Leena: (Puts on a pair of mommy's high heels)
Mommy: "No, you need 'Leena' shoes."
Leena: (Walks around the corner and comes back dragging one of daddy's boots.) "Shoes on."
So outside we went where we played with bubbles and I started working on my "special spot."

My friend Kina had suggested awhile ago that I find a spot to just relax and talk to my grandpa who, for those of you who don't know, passed away in August. With me living in Louisiana and my family being mostly in California I have felt especially disconnected from the whole thing. I don't have his grave to go sit at to talk to him so I felt more awkward about it here with him not having the chance to come visit us at our new house. So a few days ago, the day we got the piano, I found that spot. It couldn't be a more perfect spot. Any time I see a magnolia tree, the one with the white flowers I always think of my grandma and grandpa. They are the only people I have ever known growing up to have a magnolia tree in their yard. Enter my excitement here when I found out we had a magnolia tree in our yard. So as I was out laying in Leena's wagon under our magnolia tree reading while the piano was being moved in, it hit me. This is OUR spot. I felt so connected. I felt HIM there with me.
So today I raked out from under the tree. Then I hung a bird feeder and my wind chimes and moved a bench under there. I will take a picture of it once it gets more organized and cute. ;)

Looking up through the tree. :)
By Royal Decree;
All Shamrocks are officially pardoned and allowed to live under the magnolia tree with me. Any other weeds are banished.

Daddy: "Leena you have a big belly."
Leena: (Looks down at her belly and back up up at daddy) "Thank you."

Leena: (After peeing on the potty) "YAY FOR PEE PEE!" (Clapping for herself while pointing in the potty.)

Daddy: (Comes up behind me while sitting on the floor and gave me a hug.)
Leena: (Runs over and hugs me from the front.) "No MINE."

And a not so fun highlight of the day...
My daughter decided it would be fun to put a pillowcase over her head and run full speed into a table. The table won. Now her beautiful face has a battle wound. This is the worse injury she's ever gotten and now I am all freaked out she's going to end up with a deviated septum like mommy had.
She looks like a boxer.

Another highlight from today. All that is left of our shower is the floor and ceiling! It's so pretty. My husband is doing an amazing job. Can't wait to be able to take a shower again instead of a bath. ;)

Hope you all had wonderful days and a lot less painful than Leena Bean. ;)
Peace and Love


jenny b said...

oooooo I love the tile in the shower!!!!! good job joey!!!! poor leena face! I love reading your blog.

Violet Bella said...

she is such an adventurous little squirt, she soooo precious. im so glad you started this blog!

penny threads. said...

oh no! look at that little boo boo. she's so funny! i can't imagine where you find the energy to keep up with her but i bet she's a blast. lol! :)

Peace Love and Leener said...

I am in love with my shower. Laura, yes, yes she is! A little too curious some times. I am glad I started this blog as well. I am surprised people actually enjoy reading it! Renea, I have no idea where I get the energy. I am not a morning person and she likes to wake up early. haha