Friday, March 19, 2010

A game I like to call "Catch Up"

Hello All!
Sorry for not posting in a couple days!
I hope you won't take me out back and beat me. ;)

A few days ago I received an amazing package in the mail. My "birthaversary" present from my husband. He got me a 50mm 1.4 lens for my camera. I'm in love and yes, the husband should be scared. :P It's very odd getting used to a new lens. Anything I knew about light settings is now out the window. Let the learning begin, again. :D

Pretty much every day this week Leena has asked to go outside. She loves to run around. Sometimes she has too much energy for her own good.

Incredible hulk-ette. ;)

Sporting her stickers for going pee pee on the potty.

"Playing" hopscotch.

My wonderfully generous friend Hannah and her amazing family sent us two huge, and I mean HUGE, boxes shortly after Leena was born of awesome toys. This bouncer below was one of them and it's so awesome that even at 2 years old she still loves to climb in it and bounce. (Good thing she doesn't weigh too much!)
She didn't want her picture taken.

We took this mask out the day she busted her nose open and ever since she's wanted to wear it....and seems to always try to pick her nose while it's on.

For St. Patrick's Day I went a little over board. I love my Irish holiday.

Exhibit A:
Green yogurt and Green clover pancakes...eaten with a green spoon.
Exhibit B:
Leprechaun legs.

Exhibit C:
Green Sugar Cookies

Exhibit D:
Those green sugar cookies being formed into shamrocks.
Exhibit E:
No picture
Cornbeef and Cabbage for dinner.
Hope you all had a wonderfully green and lucky St. Patrick's Day!

Leena has done amazing with potty training. I actually got pretty lucky. Now we are working on going consistently on the "big" potty and to go out and about more.
She loves her puppy panties.

Three cheers for the new lens! Just had to share this photo that I am in LOOOOVE with. Straight out of the camera and amazing depth of field. Can I get a what what?

Did I mention Leena loves being outside. So much so that she shoved past me completely naked...well almost completely naked, she was wearing some stickers and one shoe, to go chase daddy and Brownie around in the back yard.

Wanted to share some pretty flowers. Even dead, tulips are gorgeous.

Yesterday I took Leena to the Gap to pick out some new panties. She had a blast and didn't want to look at anything OTHER than the panties.
She immediately ripped into the packages in the car.

We stopped by Miss Donna's before heading home where we walked in on her making more laundry soap.
Did I mention it was soapnut soap? Oh how I love completely natural, chemical free laundry soap. That works GREAT I must add.

Read more about them here.
And here.
I bought mine here.

Leena is a genius. I've decided it, so therefore it's true. ;)
She came into our room this morning and laid in our bed and started "reading" "Basic Decompression" and a book on Hydraulics. Oh my husband and the books he finds interesting. :P

Well, here's to 9 less catalogs so far. I have two more to already call tomorrow.

Peace and Love to you all!

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