Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pretty Girl and Hanging Clothes

My Pear tree in bloom. :)
LOOK! Spring is on it's way. :) That makes me a happy girl. I love winter, but I'm ready for it to be over. I'm VERY ready to just be outside all the time.
Here's a video of Bonzai and Brownie playing.....then Leena decided to join in.

Yep, she sat on him.

After running to the store for clothespins we played outside for a bit while I hung clothes on the line.
Side note:
Look at the weather report before hanging your clothes up. It is supposed to rain tonight so I had to go take it all down. Whoops.

Watching Leena run around. :)
Don't you just love my earrings? I got them from Violet Bella. Check out this lovely store on Etsy. The owner is so super cute and down to earth.
Had to put this photo up just to show my cute earrings. ;)

Leena getting clothespins out.

I don't know what she saw but apparently it was something she gasped over.

Here we go, back around to the laundry room. :)

For dinner I made Morningstar Farms Hickory Riblets. I am not a vegetarian but I don't like eating a ton of meat. Leena is not too fond of meat in general but LOVES the Morningstar Farm foods. I just had to share because I found it quite odd that the McRib FREAKS me out but for some reason this did not. Maybe it's just because it's McDonalds. ;)

This was seriously amazing. Try them out!

Not much to report for today. We had a laid back day and just enjoyed ourselves and our time together. Have a wonderful night. Boo for those of you who go back to work in the morning. :(

Peace and Love.


Fred said...

Cool shots! Guess what song was playing when I was looking at your blog? lol

LINDSAY said...

We're all yearning for spring aren't we? I can't wait till I hang the girls sundresses on the clothesline. I see your season is way ahead of ours lucky girl!

Violet Bella said...

awww, your earrings look so cute!!! perfect for you:)

i love the pics of Leena and the laundry, so precious, she is so cute and tiny!!!

and your flower photos are freaking BEAUTIFUL! love them so much!

Peace Love and Leener said...

I am guessing "Set the Fire to the Third Bar", Fred? :D
Lindsay, we get hints here and there but mostly the temperature is still cool and rainy. booo. It keeps taunting me.
Laura, I am absolutely in love with those earrings. You rock!
And thank you all!