Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh Wednesday!

Wednesday! Everybody altogether now, "YAY WEDNESDAY!" :D
I don't know why exactly I am excited for it being Wednesday. I used to love it growing up. Wednesday meant youth group. Wednesday meant fellowship. Wednesday meant fun.

Today was fun. Today was filled with crazy youths. Today had great fellowship.

I had to share my cute shoes I found when going through my closet. I haven't worn these in FOREVER! I am in love all over again.

Leena and I shared the afternoon with Donna and the clan. I made them CA rolls for lunch. They loved them. I enjoy the talks Donna and I have over lunch. It's awesome that I have found someone in this state of Louisiana I've called home for the past 3 years that has so many of the same goals for herself and her family, that I have for me and mine. After lunch and while Leena was napping we organized her house a bit. Mainly talked but organized nonetheless. ;)
We headed home after a bit to see daddy and I got a wonderful package in the mail today.

What do you guys think?
They need lenses but that'll happen in due time.
I got these from Eye Love Vintage on etsy of course.
I'm in a comic book kind of mood tonight.

I had to ask Joey if that smile hurt!

Leena is a "stuper" hero. Just like her boyfriend Kyllian. ;)

Before putting Leena to bed she gave Brownie, Bonzai and the fish (still unnamed because whenever we name our fish they die) kisses and said goodnight to them. It was adorable.

I've been trying all the flavors of the Izze sparkling juices because first, they sound super yummy and second, I want to get them for Leena's birthday party to fit into the "pinwheel" theme. Anywho, after seeing a few of the bottles sitting around I got the idea to make wind chimes out of them. So tonight I did just that.

My Supplies:
And yes, the lemon cake is absolutely necessary. No getting around it.

Nothing super fancy. I wanted it to be "rustic" and I will probably add more bottles as I polish them off.

My eagle scout husband taught me the "constrictor" knot.

You can't see it in the pictures but the part that hangs the entire wind chime up I braided with one strand. Another thing my husband taught me. He would make me bracelets in high school using that technique. I loved them. I miss having one. :(

I'll get a photo of the chimes hanging up outside tomorrow during the day.

Peace and Love!

P.S. I got the most wonderful surprise this morning when I went into my laundry room. We ran out of our soapnut laundry liquid last night and I need to make more so my husband kindly asked if he could go buy some detergent and I said yes. Little did I know that he came home with the most enviromentally friendly soap from the store that is safe on our cloth diapers and is made out of the surfactants from coconut and corn. It may seem silly to you that I am so excited but to me it feels amazing to have my husband back my hippie ways. :P I couldn't stop smiling.

P.P.S. I learned today that I totally suck at trying to take photos to make a sushi tutorial. So alas, no sushi tutorial today.


penny threads. said...

love that windchime idea. genius!

Peace Love and Leener said...


Adrian said...

Thanks!! You are lovely and I love the photos!!! You can see the true happiness beaming from all of you. You must have a wonderful life. Love the Regina Spector! What was the first little duet? I want that song in my iPod.

Peace Love and Leener said...

There's two duets on my song list. I think you are asking about "Thinking drinking sinking feeling" by slow club or there is "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" by snow patrol with Martha Wainright. :)
Thank you so much! That is so uplifting to hear.