Thursday, March 11, 2010

The 40 things I loved from today.

1. Going to the Chiropractor. I always feel so good afterwards.

2. Little hands touching gadgets they probably shouldn't. ;)

3. My bug singing along to the music in the car.

4. My daughter walking herself up to Ms. Donna's door.

5. Kitty paws.

6. My new glasses, even if they are referred to as "birth control" glasses.

7. Little boys comfortable enough in their masculinity to wear girly glasses. :D

-And to look quite adorable in them I might add.

8. Baby tears that are instantly followed by baby grins when you come in and talk to them.

9. Eleven month old cuties that will flirt with you.

10. Dogs that try to lick my camera.

11. And seem to smile with their whole body.

12. "Stuper" Heroes that leave the unnecessary clothing at home!

13. The "stuper" hero flying stance!
14. And their trusty sidekick following behind.

15. Stopping at the lake on the way home to walk in the sand barefoot.
16. Watching Leena pick up shells, "For Daddy!"

17. Holding hands.

18. Sandy pants.
19. Sand throwing.
20. Little toes testing the water.

21. The way the light hits the water at this time of day.
22. Saying,"Goodbye" to Gumbeaux Gator when we left the lake.

23. Driving with the windows rolled down.

24. Windswept hair in little girls.

25. Coming home to his boots by the door. (p.s. click on this photo to view it large and read my doormat. :))

26. Seeing my wind chimes in the daylight.

27. Tiny sprouts from strawberry plants.

28. The dog that has been with me through it all.

29. Him.

30. His silly faces.

31. The fact that he will drop what he's doing because I deem the light as "perfect" for pictures.

32. How I only come up to his chin.

33. How he came home from work and started cooking us dinner. (Wontons and eggrolls I might add.)
34. My nightly musician duo.

35. Family story time before bugger goes to bed.

36. The fact that I stink at taking these kind of pictures and always cut someone's head off.

37. How Leena correctly identified eyes and ears on the first try tonight instead of mixing the two up.

38. That I told Leena it was time to lay down and this is what happened next. :)

39. How she grabbed daddy's face to give him a kiss.
40. The fact I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams and I have the opportunity to see just how much in all these photos.

What were some things you loved about today?
Peace and Love.


penny threads. said...

oh my! what a beautiful day and a beautiful post. your family is just gorgeous and these photos are proof! i really enjoyed looking at all of these lovely snapshots. much love girlie! yay for stuff like this. it makes me happy. :)

Peace Love and Leener said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it. It was a great day. I actually teared up writing my own blog. I am so incredibly blessed. Thank you for all your wonderful words and encouragement you've given me in the short time we've interacted.

Violet Bella said...

love this post, your family is just precious. i love seeing little families interact like this. and i love how you appreciate the little things in life, like 'little feet testing the water'.

and i am so happy you and renea are getting to know each other, she is an awesome chica!


Peace Love and Leener said...

You BOTH are awesome. :)
And thank you so much! We all need to get together at some point. :D