Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fake meat, Yum Yum

Just a quick post today. I have been a vegetarian, well a pescetarian for about 10 days now. I have always enjoyed the Morningstar Farms products (well minus the "sausage" wannabes, that's where I draw the line) after my oldest sister gave some to me a long while ago. Today was the first time I tried the "meat" crumbles however. I wanted tacos, like WANTED. (No, I'm not pregnant.) So Joey said to use the fake meat and he was a great sport and tried it with me.
Oh. My. Gah. YUM!
I sent Joey to the store for sour cream while I was making dinner because I am lame and TOTALLY forgot it when I went to the store....4 hours prior. So he took Leena with him so I could have some peace and quiet and came back with sour cream and....
I just had to laugh because I almost bought some for him when I was there earlier for "old times sake." He would have one every Monday and Wednesday while on lunch at college at the best hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.

Also, we are officially composters. Joey set up a compost heap tonight in our yard. He will build us a box at some point to hold it all but for now it's proudly sitting next to our shed, in all it's compost glory. :D
Sorry it's blurry, this is what you get when you focus in the dark. (But it's a compost heap anyways so it's not like you need a great photo of it.) It got a friend as well, some left over lettuce from dinner and the avocado skin.

That is all for today's post. Tomorrow will be better. Promise.
Peace and Love.


O Bella Naturals said...

Yum yum! Tacos sound yummy!
I haven't eaten meat in a long long time, it just sort of happened, because I don't like preparing meat :) I do like Morningstar, their stuff is good, if you ever have the brand Quorn in your grocery store, they are really yummy too.
You're going to have awesome compost for your garden!

Peace Love and Leener said...

I have had the Quorn before and I don't like it as much as morningstar, the husband likes it better though. haha I will still be preparing meat for my husband but I am okay with that.