Friday, March 26, 2010

Whine Whine go away, don't come back another day.

Where to begin?!

Well lets start with yesterday shall we?
Yesterday I spent most of the day sewing...Once you see the dress you will wonder why it took me so long of yesterday then even a bit of this morning! Handstitching is definitely a labor of love. I missed it so much. Sewing is such a happy place for me....for the most part. ;) My grandma taught me to sew. Last year she also gave me one of her sewing machines. That is such a special memory for me and am so happy to own one of HER machines. My grandma is one of my best friends. Gah how I miss living near her!
Anywho, when daddy got home from work it was too lovely to pass on some time outside before dinner. We are still trying to "de-fall" our front yard. (And now that the granddaughter of the man who built our house lives down the street, Joey feels weird having our yard look like such a disaster.) ;)
I brought a chair outside and sewed while Joey picked up leaves and Leena ran amuck.
Well, she helped a bit....and I mean a bit.

My oh so graceful daughter tripped over some tree roots. Then got up and said, "OH NO (brushed her hands off) I'M OOOOKAY!"
I wonder where she gets her grace from? hmmmmm.


Out came the buggy and I got this sneaky look from Joey of him being up to no good.

Daddy loves mud whomping and apparently so does baby.
She was giggling up a storm as Joey ran her around the front yard in her buggy. They just crack me up.

Today, little miss woke up on the whiny side of the bed. I was being driven up the wall. So like any good mommy what did I do? I subjected the public to her. We went to an antique store I've been wanting to go to for over a year. Yes, a year! It is only open Friday-Sunday and the one day I actually got there on a Friday apparently it was a day the owner did not want to work. ;) I came out with a couple of goodies. (Photos in a bit. Oh the suspense.) On the way back home we stopped at the library. I signed up for a card and was so happy to know I am able to check out 10 items at once. Oh a girl is in heaven.

Leena picked out 3 books and then just ran around like crazy since there was so much to look at.

They had little toys out for the kids and puzzles that she was very interested in until I took it out of the box for her and she realized she had to actually work for that toy!

Leena's picks:
Tar Beach
Cool Daddy Rat
Clifford and the Big Parade
Mommy's picks:
Giggle, Giggle, Quack
Kiki's Blankie
Veggie Tales DVD
Fraggle Rock DVD
Cordouroy DVD
The Wubbulous World of Dr. Suess DVD

We have recently had our cable turned off. We have been debating it for a while but never really got anywhere with the discussion. Then I realized, we basically left it on the Disney channel and watched repeat after repeat after repeat. The morning we decided it was time was when Leena woke up and immediately asked, "TV?" It hit me hard that morning. So no more cable. We still watch movies however but at least now it's only a bit of TV. Plus that makes it more special to her. I feel so much better now that I don't have the TV on 24/7 pretty much for background noise. Ahhhh freedom. Sweet, sweet freedom.

Leena really likes her "new" dress. I added a pocket to it, the hearts, the little bow on her strap and the "Love" on the back. Phew, all that stitching by hand took forever! She loves it though so it was worth it.
My daughter has a great sense of style. :)

We waited outside for Daddy to come home from work. She went running towards his truck when he parked in the driveway. It was so cute. Then she wanted me to put this flower in her hair which, mind you, a few seconds before she wanted nothing to do with. I guess she wants to look prettier for daddy.

Before dinner we decided mommy's car needed a bath to get rid of the coat of pollen it had on it.

Leena's buggy needed a bath from the adventures from the day before as well.

Helping Daddy.

"Daddy, you missed a spot." ;) Which I was reminded when I said that to Joey that I was the one to wash that side of the car. :P

I love how she is crossing her toes in this photo. I do that ALL the time without realizing it.

Seeing how cold it really was. Yep, it was COLD!

So here's my buys from the antique shop:

This is a lunch box for Leena. She was so proud to carry it out of the store.

My "new" lamp. I switched the shades on it however and the flower shade is now on a different lamp base which I think they look more at home the ways they are now. This also is my new supply of buttons as well since the cap of the mason jar is not glued on. YAY!

This is the first of many vintage teacup and saucers we will give a home to at some point.
I want my dishes to match, in a mismatched way. I'm complicated. haha You can also buy this photo print in my etsy store, here.

Now I MUST give another shout out to the lovely Laura from Violet Bella. She is wonderful and amazingly talented. I am a proud owner of this photo jewelry from her. These pieces are quite gorgeous. You really should check out her store. The photo on my necklace is her piece titled, "Emily and the Leaf". It's one of my all time favorites of hers. I thought it was too beautiful not to photograph and share with all of you.

I also want to share with you my new lovely bag. The creator, Renea from Penny Threads is so incredibly adorable and uplifting. I am loving getting to know her. The other day when she was uploading her new line of rag doll bags I happened to get a check from my grandma for my birthday so I used that to buy myself this cutie! What a good birthday present if I say so myself. Thanks grandma. ;) Go check out her lovely store.

I apologize if this post is really random and jumps around. I hope you all had a wonderful day!
Peace and love.


O Bella Naturals said...

Okay where to start :)
I love those pictures of you guys cleaning up your yard. I have always wanted to rake leaves and play in them :) I haven't done that since I was little! Looking forward to that!
Looks like library day was a good day, you guys walked away with some good stuff!
That dress looks SO cute now! I think Isabella has the same dress!
Leena looks really busy with her car, it's so adorable.
I LOVE the photo you took of you in your necklace, very awesome, and the bag looks super cute, can't wait to get mine! Those definitely are two lovely girls!

O Bella Naturals said...

Oh yes, I can't wait to see the dress you made! That is so cool that you own your grandma's sewing machine, how special!
And good for you on the no-TV thing! We decided not to hook up cable when we moved to this house in September, it's been awesome, we too watch a movie, but actually not having the TV on makes life a little simpler, at least for me :)

Violet Bella said...

once again, i just thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the cute pics of Leena, I am just in love with her! she looks like such a fun little sprout to hang out with :)

thanks for the shout out, you know i love what you did with the photo!

and i am getting a bag from Penny Threads similar to yours, of course a bit different though :) she has really cute new ones coming this weekend!

Peace Love and Leener said...

Thanks girls! Can't wait to see your bags from Renea!
Leena loves to play in the leaves. This next year it will be a little less leafy. We had to take out a huge oak that was being eaten by termites. :(
Betsy, it was so fun to take her dress from Walmart that most people have and make it a little more special. I highly recommend it!