Monday, March 29, 2010

There's a floor in there right?!

Yesterday was as we would say, a lazy Sunday. We hung out and played and went to church in the evening. Mornings are just not our thing. While Leena was napping I thought I would make peanut butter fudge for Joey's co-workers since apparently they keep asking for more of my peanut butter fudge.
I tried to be sneaky and use Goat's milk instead.
What they don't know won't hurt right?

There was no marshmellow cream to be found as it is not fudge making season I am assuming, or I am just completely blind. So I just decided to use regular marshmallows which I used the last time I made PB fudge.

Looks pretty tasty. didn't want to set up. Don't know if I needed to use more marshmallows or cook the sugars longer or what but it was the biggest glob of peanut butter mess ever. Tasted great though, if you could choke it down over the texture.

Anywho, off we went to church.

Isn't she just adorable. I loved her outfit yesterday.

Today I decided enough was enough. No more procrastinating. I NEED to clean. I am the WORST housewife ever. I hate it, I am sick of teaching Leena it's okay to be messy. We are clutteriffic over here in this house. It drives me up the wall but I can't seem to really get motivated to do it. I don't know how you other stay at home moms/housewifes do it! Is there a magic pill you take to make you enjoy cleaning? Well now it's my turn to just DO it and teach Leena how normal noncluttery people live. Well, here's the pit of despair of our home.
The Guest Bedroom:
Come in, enjoy yourselves, stay awhile. Oh and don't mind the tetanus you may get while staying in here.
This is what happens when you and your husband have the mentality of "Oh just throw it in the guest bedroom until we decide what to do with it." Little did we know that decision process would take a good 8 months or so.

There's a kid in there right?!
(Don't worry the only place she could reach was throughly looked over for any non kid friendly items.)

What's a girl to do (other than form a well placed twitch)?!

Well I got down to business and started. I was determined to have it clean by tonight.

Minus the occasional stop in cleaning to take pictures with the beautiful window light.

And then when Joey got home he went straight to work helping me. Oh how I love him so.

TA-DA! It's a miracle!

Joey even vacuumed after dinner while I finished eating so that I didn't have to. Did I mention I love him?
Joey had to demonstrate that our guests that are coming in on Friday will actually have a tetanus free area to lay in! And don't worry, we are not a completely terrible host/hostess. They will have a air mattress to sleep on. Sure, it may go flat 5 times in one night but that is beside the point!

So after our hard work, dinner and revealing Leena's poor forgotten power wheels in that disaster (sorry Jessica and Justin), we went outside for some play time before bedtime.

She wanted to ride daddy's bike. I see a tricycle in her future. Maybe soon?

You can't tell as well as when this photo is large but my oh so graceful daughter fell and got leaves in her hair. Oh and that is indeed a sticker on her head. I told her to put her hat back on when we had a few things left in the room to put away, one being a small doll top hat that she decided she wanted to wear, so she put the sticker on as her hat.

She loves climbing under daddy's truck shell.

Daddy and mommy enjoyed her power wheels more than Leena did. (Again, sorry Jessica and Justin.)

Leena likes to see how close to the street she can get before mommy or daddy catches her. Apparently it's fun to give your parents a heart attack when you are only 2. And, I know, this photo is so out of focus and blurry but I just loved the flare. I am officially in love with my new 50mm 1.4 lens. Gah, how Joey spoils me.

Leena and the 2 year old across the street were talking and chattering but as soon as they got close to eachother they clammed up and didn't want to say a each other.
Then when we went back to our yard the other little girl got sad. Kids are so strange. ;)

Her waving bye to the girl.

Then Joey had a turn with the camera.
I clearly wasn't paying attention.

I clearly was overjoyed.

Oh wait, NOW I was clearly overjoyed.

And this is CLEARLY his model face.

This is what happens when you try to take a self portrait with a 50mm while holding your camera out as far as your short little arms will reach.

And now I am sitting here, blogging. Dreading the cleaning that is to come tomorrow and drinking tea. Yes, tea. I have never been a tea person, unless it was Peach Snapple Iced Tea, which is really more sugar than anything. I can't say it's love at first sip with this tea but we are growing to have a mutual liking of each other. I don't think I will ever be the black or green tea kind of person but this is a start.
So friends, I leave you with that. Not too much happening here. Hope you all had a glorious Monday not filled with rooms that are so messy you lose your toddler.
Peace and love.


kristen said...

i think i saw you on an episode of Hoarders Scruffy.

Violet Bella said...

ha ha, the first thing i thought of was hoarders too! at least it was the 'guest room'. that is my 'art' room, that is why it drives me crazy. we dont have another room in the house to put anything! so i guess if it doesnt have room and needs to sit in another room and get lost, you dont really need it?

those pics of joey riding leenas bike are too cute, he sounds like such a sweet guy!

big love!

Peace Love and Leener said...

haha Yes, we are hoarders. In a sense at least. Mostly it was bags of clothes friends have given me that she still doesn't fit in, everything for our bathroom remodel, Leena's "big" bed that she's not in yet and lots and lots of papers. That's the jist of it but I am not so much a knick-knacky person. Now JOEY on the other hand. He's a pack rat. Got it from his mommy. (Thanks Cathy :P) But now it is twitch inducing free thank goodness!

And yes, he is really sweet. :)

Rachael Rose said...

Awww I love your blog =) Your family is so cute! and yogi tea is absolutely amazing it will definitely grow on you!! I don't drink black or green tea either unless its green tea with lemonade :) ... I drink the one with echinacea in it and it keeps my immune system up!

<3 Rachael

Peace Love and Leener said...

Thanks Rachael! I am determined to keep up with tea drinking. I will have to check out the other flavors as well. :)