Friday, March 12, 2010

Dressing for Success

In a town where little girls usually only leave the house wearing cute dresses and bows in their hair, there is Leena. I've been encouraging her to pick out her own outfits a lot lately and today she did just that. I added the yarn as a belt for good measure. ;)

You should have seen the looks I was getting. Although one sweet lady said Leena did a great job and looked so cute and the manager thought she was awesome. Glad my daughter's sense of style was welcomed by some. I know I love it. :)

Peace and love.


Bella Valentina Photography said...

Love it!

Violet Bella said...

omg, she is adorable! she did an awesome job! go leena!

penny threads. said...

oh my goodness. what a little fashionista. you should be VERY proud. :D too cute! your daughter actually makes me consider maybe wanting one (a child) one day. maybe. lol! much love!