Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Electrodes, Ice cream and a stick man, OH MY!

Another day down, one pee pee in the potty. (And two on the floor, woot.)Today started off with our trip to the chiropractor (for mommy of course) but Leena enjoyed herself and pouted a bit when she thought it was HER trip to the doctors. I tried keeping her entertained with her baby doll. This is her singing to her (unnamed as of yet) in the room that mommy gets electrodes put on her.
(Sorry it's sidewerds. Don't know how to flip it on my computer or on blogger.)

Anywho, the chiropractor gave Leena a stick man, the ones you use while painting, and she was a happy girl.
We decided to have a girls lunch and went to Dairy Barn, MOOO, and share a BLT. She quite enjoyed the train that went around on a track over our heads while we ate. She watched it go around and around and around. The kind people over at Dairy Barn gave Leena a free ice cream before we left. Either it was for wearing her festive cowboy boots, or she is just so darn cute or because she's a kid and kids get free ice cream. I'm going with the so darn cute.
Side note:
If you want to REALLY have some fun, when they ask you if you want your ice cream in a cone or a cup answer "both" and see the confusion ensue. ;)
So off we went with our ice cream in a cone AND a cup to enjoy it at home.

Look! She actually smiled for me! (It has absolutely NOTHING to do with all the sugar she is holding in her hand, I swear.)

Ice cream brings out the goofy faces even more. :)

This is her fake smile.

Another side note:
Just in case you were ever wondering, ice cream + nap time = Sleep? what sleep?
There were many giggles coming from her room until the sugar high came crashing down and she passed out.

After her nap we painted Mr. Stick Man from the Chiropractor. :)

Look at the concentration while painting Mr. Stick Man's foot!

Ta Da! Isn't it beautiful? ;)

Now I am sitting here listening to her playing instead of going to sleep, like she was supposed to an hour and a half ago. Maybe that sugar high is coming back? Ah well.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Edit: She fell asleep as soon as I posted this.


Kina Williams said...

awww..I love how she painted the stick dude. What a wonderful story about your day. I'm looking forward to following your blog Katie!!

Anonymous said...

when you take a picture of her front faced, she look like you as a baby. otherwise, she looks more like joey

Tiffani said...

...And THAT is why I want a baby. :p

Peace Love and Leener said...

haha yeah. You will make a great mommy Tiffani. :)