Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mommy goes bald?

Today we went to Target before heading to Salon 360, where I was either going to walk out platinum blonde or bald. I'll let you know later which one won that battle. It was so nice to see Miss Rachel, the owner and wonderfully talented hair dresser. She is an amazing woman. She fought Inflammatory breast cancer and showed it who's boss. Her miracle baby was with her at the salon. OH MY! What a cutie he is. :)
Leena had a blast running around the salon and pretending to mix her own color. I didn't take any pictures of her at the salon, boooo, but I was too busy chasing her around. So here's the results of my trip to the salon.

I love it! Yay, for not being bald!
Rachel is amazing and if you are in the Lake Charles, LA area you need to go see her!
Salon 360: (337) 474-3200

Leena is wearing her breast cancer ribbon for Miss Rachel. :)

Anywho, after we left we went and saw Miss Donna for a bit and to pick up some heavy whipping cream on the way home. We'll get to the use of that later.
Here's Leena whining for food while I was making dinner....

Here's Leena enjoying her bunny pasta at dinner. :) All is right in the world now.

After Leena was put in bed I decided to try to make butter, yes butter! I saw this over at this lovely blog.
Getting started:

I used a large box of heavy whipping cream.

In action!

Past the yummy whipped cream phase.....I walked away from the mixer too long to get a picture of the whipped cream.

Okay now here's the secret! Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT walk away from the mixer once your whipped cream starts separating into the butter and "buttermilk" stage. Otherwise, if you are like me, you will walk back to see your mixer flinging the buttermilk OUT of your mixer all over your countertops when it actually forms into butter. With that said....

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury....We have butter!

It's super yummy and fits in a 15oz jar perfectly. :)

A goofy face for good measure.

So that in a nut shell was our day. Leena is all snug in her bed, maybe with visions of sugar fairies in her head. Till tomorrow! Goodnight all!

Oh and how cool is this?!


HollieCook said...

Hahaha! I can just imagine you walking back into your kitchen and seeing butter flying all over the place!

Peace Love and Leener said...

It was awesomely funny. haha

Violet Bella said...

hey girl, i love the name! great job! its looking super cute too!!!

O Bella Naturals said...

lol! Great tip on the butter making that I hadn't thought of, I hadn't thought of the fancy stand alone mixers :) Wasn't it just yummy?! Glad you tried it out!

Peace Love and Leener said...

It's awesome! I was so bummed though because we don't have organic heavy cream out here. :(