Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Weekend.

It was a busy but good weekend over here.
On Friday Donna came over for a bit with her brood and ate lunch with Leena and I. Then they helped me clean house before a little get together I was having that night that she couldn't make it to, which is SUPER appreciated since I'm in the third trimester which means I am tired most of the time again along with my sciatica pain I get from too much bending and sitting, etc. (which all needs to happen for me to successfully clean). Thanks again Donna! She also then asked if Leena could have a sleep over at her house with her kids and to make it easier for me to host the party. She is amazing. Leena got to sleep in a tent set up in Kyllian's room. I got a picture later that night of her passed out on the couch at 8pm because she had so much fun she wore herself out. I hosted a craft party and a few of my girl friends came over and crafted and munched on snacks. It so so fun to be able to craft with my friends and chat it up. I didn't take any pictures because I was busy enjoying!

Then on Saturday I got ready for the day slowly, since Donna insisted I take my time, before heading over to pick up Leena. We hung out there for a bit and shared lunch together that Donna made us. After a bit we left to go see another friend and her son that Leena loves to play with. We ended up getting sushi for dinner and spending the night there as well! Leena had a weekend of sleep overs. She was so excited.

This morning after making blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs together (and of course eating it all together) the kids went outside to play a bit before we left. Jessica and I did a quick mini photo shoot while they played and had fun. It was much needed.

After we got home it started thundering and raining. My soul is happy. AND I'm so so happy that it has rained in the Austin/Bastrop, TX area! My friends out there have been dealing with wildfires and needed the rain badly.
We spent the day at home crafting, baking, editing, washing the dog, resting and having movie night. Leena fell asleep on the couch at 4 this evening which is unlike her! She doesn't nap anymore. She woke up screaming and crying, saying she was hurting. She was also feverish which lasted the rest of the night. I'm hoping it's just from being exhausted from the weekend and that she isn't getting sick. We made cinnamon rolls as well and ate those while watching Fantastic Mr. Fox on our little nest I made us on the floor.

It was a great weekend.

I took this video of baby moving around and kicking tonight. I know it's hard to see but watch closely. :D

Happy 29 weeks!

Peace and Love.

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Violet Bella said...

so glad you had an event filled but relaxing weekend. sounds like you did everything your soul was asking for. and happy leena had so much fun!

the video says its private so i couldnt view it....

love ya!